Friday, June 17, 2011

6 more weeks…..

I smiled my biggest smile…I batted my eyes…I even complimented the doctor but nothing worked…..I still have to use the wheelchair for 6 more weeks!  This  is going to be one looooooooog summer!

I don’t know what depresses me more…not being able to walk for 6 more weeks or not having a 50th birthday party? I really wanted to celebrate “turning half a century old”. Everyone tells me I can celebrate later but it is not the same….instead I am having a pity party…does anyone wanna come ?? I feel like whining but no one wants to hear it…have you ever noticed that the world doesn’t like whiners??  I wonder why that is …it is human nature to whine….guess I will have to give it up for Lent!

One the bright side I got a care package from my friend Julia…guess she felt sorry for me and sent me something to read…do you think this will keep me busy for a while ???

Books form JuliaShe also made me this lovely heart & card…..can you guess what my favorite color is ??

Form julia

Brigitte …a friend in my beading class made me this tiny little pouch…I was going to put my keys in it but for now I am using it for my Homeopathy pills. Incase you were wondering what my favorite color is…it must be pink!

pouch form Brigitte Hugs,


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  1. oh poor Liz, I'm sooooo sorry !!!!! ok lets have a party, when ??????



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