Thursday, June 30, 2011


No birthday would be complete without gifts…gifts are the whole reason for having birthdays.

Without gifts there would be no reason to celebrate birthdays…just to get older…no thanks…I will take the gifts any day!

So what did I get ??…flowers and lots of flowers!

50 red roses from my Hubby…I had to put them in 3 vases…I didn’t have one big enough…

Roses Form Ingo 

Pink Roses from my Dear Father-in-Law

Roses from Hans

A beautiful bouquet in yellows & oranges ( which looks great in our kitchen) from dear Friends Roswitha & Wilrich.

From Roswitha 

and the biggest & prettiest bouquet was from my Sister….

Eva flowers …it was soooo big that I had to stand it on the floor to take a picture of it … this picture doesn’t do it justice so here are a couple more…can you tell I love Pink !


eva 3








Eva 4


From my dear Friend Julia I got a wonderful package in pinks…my picture doesn’t do it justice…have a look on her Blog to see how pretty everything really is. ( I am blaming the rainy hot days for the bad photography)

From Julia


My dear friend Doerte sent me this adorable Quilt House rack and she even make a little quilt for inside. I can see me making a couple  more and changing them with the  season.

From Dörte


Katja …my coffee friend ( when her calendar lets her find the time) sent me this adorable owl fabric & this cool corner ruler…I love gadgets)

From Katja


My neighbor Eva  sent me the diary and my friend Liz sent me the magazine…

Eva & Liz


….. last but not least…from my cousin Iris, I got this lovely wellness package …now that I am getting older I need to pamper myself more often!

From Iris Don’t you just love the swimming lady….she looks just like me!

Swimming lady 

That about does it! …Except for the gifts from my Hubby…you'll have to come back tomorrow to see what he got me.




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  1. Hello Liz, Happy Birthday Liz. Your are truly pampered indeed and well deserved!! Such glorious flowers from everyone.You are a very lucky person. I can hardly wait to see what your hubby gave you. Big Hugs Judy



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