Friday, July 29, 2011

Finish Friday… I’m a week late

I know I never posted my finishes last Friday….not because I didn’t have them done …because I couldn’t find the cable  for the camera to transfer the pictures to the computer.  Why can’t they make one cable that works for everything ?

Last week I got some more stitching done on my ”Living the Dream” quilt  …maybe tomorrow I can actually stitch some rows together!

journey blocks 2 

I also stitched 2 more block this week but since I have to redo one ( don’t like the colors I used) and the other one I haven’t taken a picture of yet and I hate to admit I am to lazy to go downstairs, get it and photography it now….after all I have to have something to show you later .

In the meantime I will show you some pictures for my flowers.

My girlfriend Gaby gave me this lovely rose bush for my birthday and it feels right at home…

rose bush from gabyIt’s called Leonardo Di Vince  …don’t you just love that name ??

leonardo de vince

johaniskraut I love the wispy middle on this Johanniskraut


My Fall Anemone has been blooming for weeks now…guess it doesn’t know its early…that or our weather has been cold enough for fall! That's more the truth!

Don’t you just love the color of this Geranium?

bright geranim

May the sun shine upon us both this weekend!



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