Friday, August 19, 2011

Finish Friday….

for some strange reason this week was a good week…I actually got stuff done!                                                        Don’t ask me why or how …it just happened !

I pieced the top together of my BBQ quilt …I did go with layout #1 . It was my favorite and all of yours too. Right now the quilt is 140cm x 185cm…a good afternoon nap size.

Now I just have to decide on how to quilt it…this is when I really wish I had a quilting machine……ahhhhh…dreaming is nice…I’ll add it to my Christmas List! LOL

BBQ top 

Here is a close up of the fabrics…the beige one is a Nancy Crow Crush fabric ( love her crush series) and the dark brown one has these little leaves in it. Wish we had sun today so that the pictures could be better but you get the idea.

Close up of border


I also managed to hand embroider 5 blocks this week…that is a record for me ! At this rate the quilt will be done in no time….then what will I work one ( one of the other 6 projects I have going :-0

More blocks 2 More blocks 3

Tomorrow we are suppose to finally have a sunny weekend ( I think it is the first one all summer)
I am going to lay under a tree with my leg up and stitch away while my Hubby grills something delicious…………

…………I’ll be thinking of you……if you have time, stop by for a glass of homemade ice tea.




  1. Beautiful finishes, Liz! I think your quilt is wonderful, and your stitcheries are sooooo cute. It takes me FOR-EV-ER to embroider anything! Enjoy your weekend!



  2. Love the stitchery, and the quilt top is great. I wished I could come over for ice tea. It is hot out there.



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