Friday, September 16, 2011

Finish Friday….

This week wasn’t too bad…I managed to get some stuff done and this always makes me happy.

I  stitch 2 more blocks for my Living the Dream quilt….

row 13

…but I could only sew 1 row on ( I have to stitch one more block to make the next row)

row 13 added

As you know I made Max a new bed …BTW, he is sleeping in it now …I knew the bone trick would work.

Max bed 

I also made a purse that was on my “To Do” list for a long time. Unfortunately I can’t show you a picture since all the ones I took look crappy…so I have to wait till tomorrow and try and take some outside….but here is a sneak preview.


I also managed to get the “repair” pile done…some of the stuff have been sitting so long that I bet they don’t fit anymore! What is it with “repairs”?? Am I the only one that hates to do them ???

I hope you have a nice weekend…tomorrow I meet with the beading girls…I wonder what “glittery” item we will produce?



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