Thursday, September 8, 2011

I survived…..

a sewing weekend with 8 women and I discovered that I am not as young as I think I am.

We had a great time…a lot of laughing, shopping, eating  & surprisingly sewing but not much sleep.  That is why I needed the last 3 days to recover…I am not 21 anymore !

The weekend started with some shopping….we stopped by Zweigart and to our pleasure they had a couple of tables with fabrics reduced to 5€ !!

Needless to say I picked up a few …and a couple of canning jars to make Tilda sewing jars.


We finally landed at the hostel and set up our sewing area…production is not neat….


…did you notice the pinks chairs…I wanted to take one home but there was no room in the car :-(

sewing 2 

I know some of you are not going to believe it but I actually finished some things ( no I didn’t talk all weekend but I talked enough to have no voice on Monday!)

I made a couple of totes..…with this cute pink mushroom fabric & red polka dots….the patterns are by Stoffwerk  and I wish I could say they were easy to make but thank goodness there were enough German speaking women there that could translate when I got stuck…which was alot!!

Mushroom bags

Then I decided to try a pattern called Zippy Strippy ( in English) but since I didn’t have strips I used “cheater” fabric….I think it looks cute always. ( Sis do you remember me buying this fabric in Canada ??)

Strippy Zippy

  If that isn’t enough pink for you let me introduce you to PINKY!……isn’t he adorable??


He’s a pincushion & spool holder ( but I can't bring myself to stick pins in him)

Mouse faceDon’t you just love him?? I do !!!

Since we didn’t have enough fabrics ( ja , right!!) …Birgit was kind enough to bring us some…off course I had to pick out a few FQ.

FQShe was also kind enough to show me how to make these Japanese flowers…. I can imagine making these with nice Batiks & attaching them to a purse

Japanese flower ….but which purse pattern should I use ???

Now I have to sew something that isn’t pink…I am a bit pinked out after the weekend!




  1. Looks like a good time was had by you all and I love your little mouse....sooo cute!! Hugs Vicki x

  2. Love your bags Liz and Pinky is very cute. I couldn't stick a pin in him either!



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