Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It’s here….

the new IKEA catalog arrived last week and guess where I dragged my Hubby to on Saturday…you guessed it ….IKEA!

Ikea Cat

I don’t know what it is about that store but every time I go there for one thing I come out with other stuff….and this time was no different.

I found a few “Pink” things…. a little pot for my tools, a note book to list my WISP’s ( Maybe I should of bought 2 ?) …and a little piece of linen…a girl always needs linen !


… they also had these cute rose boxes that fit perfect in my cutting table…yup, their filled already with future UFO’s!boxes 

I couldn't resist this umbrella…my Hubby thinks I have lost my mind but could you resist it ??? With all the rain we keep getting it was a “needed” buy! ( once in a  while it is good to buy something you “need” as opposed to what you want!)

Umbrella Can't you see me dancing in the rain??   I love those polka dot!

I didn’t get everything in pink …I found this flower vase…I just had to have it….

Lily Don’t you love the lacy trim?


Don’t you just love IKEA ?…..I do!




  1. My daughter and I just got home from there ~ I do LOVE Ikea!!!

  2. ....and you should really really love your hubby, being such a patient person and take you there all the time :-)

  3. Next time come by and get me, my husband hates to go to Ikea.

  4. I do love Ikea and, strangely enough, I was just there on Monday.
    I didn't find any lovely pink things though :(
    I bought a Dave table for my laptop and a new spotlight for the kitchen.



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