Friday, October 28, 2011

Finish Friday…..

I am pleased to say that I have been busy quilting all week and I managed to get our “Couch Quilt” done ( the binding just needs to be hand sewn down but for all purposes and for today's post it is done! LOL)

I apologize in advance for the horrible pictures I took tons of them and they all looked awful…it is not easy photographing a large quilt, trying to stand on a chair with a bad knee when it is cloudy and ugly outside…this is the best I could do today ……Couch quilt front

I quilted a design in each red square but due to the lack of sun you can't see it so good …the red blocks were machine quilted using the Press n Seal ….


…in the cross sections I stitched this little design ( this was done with the embroidery machine …I’m good but not that good!

Corner blocks

Since you really can’t see the quilting so good from the front…here is a picture of the back so you can get an idea…


To prove that this quilt  is 95%  done…you can see I have the binding already attached….I know it looks weird since I am trying something different…I attached the binding to the back of the quilt and I will hand stitch it down on the from (normally you do it the other way around) but since the backing fabric is flannel ( nice & fluffy) …I didn’t think it would be so easy to hand stitch into the flannel without coming through to the front…….WOW …that was wordy!

back binding 

I will probably hand stitch down the binding over the weekend…but now I want to sew something smaller…..a purse / bag / tote…I’ll surprise you …heck … I’ll surprise me !

Have a nice weekend!

Keep out of trouble and make something!




  1. WOW it looks great.. .I know you are excited to have it ready for the cold months...

  2. That's absolutely cool! I am impressed! Will you bring this with you to show it? ;))



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