Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes I am just slow….

every quilter knows what 505 Spray is…I even have a can of it…then explain to me why it took me so long to try it?

505 I always basted my quilts the old fashion way…with basting thread or with basting safety pins…but not anymore! Good Bye thread & pins…hello 505 !


I don’t know why it took my so long to try it…call me slow or stubborn?? 

I always though ……

……you would have tons of over spray (more clean up work then it was worth)

…. I thought it was expensive ( you can do a bunch of quilts with one can)

……and I wasn't sure about the chemicals (everyone assures me it washes out). 

but what finally convinced me to try it ??? I wanted to get my quilt done and due to my knee surgery I can't crawl around the floor basting a quilt…so out came the can of 505 spray ( I was surprised it was still good.)

It worked like a charm and it was really nice quilting the quilt without any threads hanging on my feet or stopping to take pins out. Why did it take me so long to try it ??

I know you all know about 505 spray…if you don’t… get it…. you‘ll love it!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about another get item I discovered!




  1. Better late than never.... or so we say in Germany!! Godd idea I think I'll try some day!!!

  2. Honey, better late than never - I can only second that ;-)) I LOVE that stuff, and I use it all the time! Seriously. The only thing that's even better is the iron-on batting, but that I only use for small quilts (under 90 cm on the longest side). Because ... ironing the batting on takes FOREVER ;-)) and as you know now, 505 is FAST - and we like fast, don't we?



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