Saturday, October 22, 2011

Special Birthday…..

Finish Friday is being delayed till tomorrow since an amazing Lady has celebrated her 102nd Birthday …no it is not a typo…you read right- 102 years old!! Or should I say young.

Yesterday my Hubbys Oma ( grandmother in German) celebrated her 102nd Birthday. Here she is with a Major & his wife ( this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at the towns 100 festival …that is why they are in costumes) …Oma was an honorary guest since she actually remembered what the town was like back then .

Oma 102

Would you believe she still walks all over the place with her walker. Her only complaint is that she can’t see the good anymore and it slows her down. She reads the newspaper everyday….only the parts that interest her…not the sports  ( her words not mine) and everyday she does her cross word puzzles using a magnifying glass. She loves to tell stories from the past, enjoys a  good cup of coffee & piece of Streusel cake.  She truly is amazing.

Here is an article from today's paper. …the oldest person in Weiterstadt celebrates !newspaper Oma 2 

When I asked her how she felt about being in the paper as the oldest person in town…she said…”Am I really that old already?”

Happy Birthday Oma !

….I am looking forward to next years birthday cake & coffee!



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  1. Happy Birthday to Oma!!! After you had talked to me about her, it's so nice to see a picture of that amazing women. There are younger people who are less active and less interested in what's going on in the world. I bet she has exciting stories to tell of the past. I wish her a lot of more birthdays with Streusel cake and coffee!
    Have a great weekend, dear Liz :-)!



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