Friday, November 11, 2011

Finish Friday….

I can’t believe its Friday already…this week just flew by! I thought we gained an hour last week, why do I feel like I lost a day ??  Time is just zipping by…when I think that Christmas is only 44 days away…I get a panic attack!

But that another post… today I am suppose to share with you my finished projects.

This week I made………you guessed it ???!!!

……………another Purse! Bowling like bag This is made with a really nice soft flannel like fabric but is stiffened with S520 and I can tell you it was not easy.

The pattern is super simple…not many parts but since the outer edge was folded back and topstitched all around , giving it a piping like effect made it a nightmare to sew…  I think the purse ( reminds me of a bowling bag) is cute but I won’t be making this again…unless I leave out the edging and line it different.

Here's a peek inside….

Inside of bowling like bag 

Here is a close up of the shabby flower…its made with felt & the plaid fabric.

Flower on bag

I know I am on a Purse kick…don’t ask me why…I just am ! ( probably since it can be finished faster then a quilt and I need some positive rewards in my sewing…not all my projects can be life long WISPs!) Besides …a girl can never have to many purses!?

So that you don’t think all I can sew is purses ( or quilts) ….I can also make fun stuff…… a girlfriend told me she would come by with her little girl today …so last night I whipped up this pink bear for her… Ciara love it !Pinnk Bear 

Tomorrow I pick up my new glasses…..I don’t know if this is a good thing…..Now I will be able to see my mistakes better ! …..sewing will be a whole new experience!

Have a nice weekend and make something…it feels good!



  1. You are so busy, Liz! That's another beautiful purse and I love the cute bear too.
    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie :-)!
    Big hugs,

  2. Oh my goodness that purse is adorable I love it. You are having so much fun making purses... Cute teddy bear too.
    44 days til Christmas I better get busy..



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