Friday, December 2, 2011

Finish Friday…..

WOW… its that time again? When I get to brag about all the wonderful things I finished this week. Unfortunately, this week I was busy with decorating the house so I didn’t get much sewing done…just a bit.

I got an order for a messenger bag…but in neutrals ( its going to a lady in Australia)….it is cool to know one of my bags is traveling all the way down under!

Here is the finished bag…I think she will like it ??

australian flap

That was all the sewing I got done this week…I wanted to do more but Christmas stuff kept getting in the way.

The house is decorated…the outside is full of lights….a few gifts are bought….I started some baking ( I will post about that disaster another day)…then why don’t I have that Christmas feeling ?? Maybe when we get the tree the feeling will come ??

deco 1

deco 2

Remember those snowflakes I bought in October….they are twinkling in the windows finally.



Ho Ho Ho …have you got the Christmas feeling yet ??  If yes, let me know where I can find it ?!



1 comment:

  1. Hey Liz... nope... don't have it either... my excuse is just that I am so darn busy... looking at your pics, I'd say your reason is that you've got "no snow!", want me to send you some... that should get the old feeling back again! Great pics! Yes, she'll love the bag! Hugs.



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