Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pins & Needles….

Do you sew over your pins or do you stop and take them out ??

I sew through everything! I am like a Kamikaze driver…once I get started I don’t stop!

Sewing over needles

Last night my Hubby came into my sewing room to kiss me goodnight and I was right in the middle of a seam so he waited till I was done. He watched me sew and then said…do you always sew over your pins ?? Isn't that bad for the machine ??

I answered…Yup!!! The worse thing that will happen is I will bend a pin or brake a needle ( or both) …..I have done this a few times but don’t tell my Hubby!


This got me to thinking …am I the only one that is to lazy to stop and take the pins out or do you do it to???

Are you a “sew over” the pins person or are you a “taker-outer” ???? Is this a habit I should break ?? What do you think??

I’m off to sew over some more pins!




  1. After getting tired of constantly changing the machine needle I started pulling the pins out as I get to them. It also seems to help with avoiding puckers.

  2. Hallo Liz
    Ich nehme die Nadeln meistens raus, aber eben nicht immer. Auch ich kenne kaputte Pins oder Nadeln.
    Ich versuche, langsam zu nähen wenn Nadeln nicht vorher entfernt werden können, aber manchmal vergesse ich es einfach.


  3. I always take the needles out now. Once I have the broken needle slipped into the bobbin case, and it has damaged. It has healed me.
    You should remove the pins before sewing it, saving hassle and money
    Best regards, Marita

  4. Hallo Liz,

    mal so - mal so, doch meistens nehme ich die Pins mittlerweile raus, denn ich hatte nicht nur Nadelbrüche, sondern auch schon mal bei einer Maschine der Nadelstange einen herben Schlag verpaßt und das war teuer...., doch ab und an siegt dann doch wieder die Bequemlichkeit ;-))

    LG Doris

  5. I used to be a sew over gal until I hit a pin and broke the needle. A piece flew up and lodged in my cheek just under my eye. That was the last pin I sewed over.

  6. I used to sew over them ... till this cost me a bunch of money! I hit the needle, and as a result my machine skipped stitches - BIG TIME. Now I really try not to hit a needle - I would rather spent that money on fabric ;-))

  7. Hi Liz,

    I am definitely a sew-over! Now everyone of my flowerhead-pins is curved but never broke a needle this way or demaged the mashine. Lucky me as I can see in the other comments. I have to admit that the seams don't get that exact when I stop and take the pins out... That makes me sew in curves and costs me nerves. So I think I still keep the habit of a sew-over... (But not with my Ovi. THIS will really cause an expensive problem. ;) )

  8. Hi Liz,
    I am both ;o). When I do not think about it, I sew over. And such needles..............I have seen such needles very often ;o)))).

  9. How funny you posted this Amy and I were just talking about this yesterday. .I told her don't do this.. LOL I have a bad happen of sewing over pins. But then Amy don't use pins or very seldom. She didn't know why people used a pincushion with the sofa caddy. hahahahaha oh being a novice is so much fun. Today we had a talk about one way directional fabric. WISH you were here to hear this conversation. ok I will try to remember to take out my pins.

  10. Replies
    1. Hey Liz- been following this blog for a while and the maschine sewing part is not really me-but with that armchair caddy I had to do it :))
      I learnt that pinning twice saves a lot of bended/broken needles.First pin from the outside-then the opposite side and the outer needles go out again -and zzzing-no breaking pins anymore-but the pieces are kept in place !! Just my 2 cents :)) Marga

  11. When my stitch length is 2.0 or smaller, I take the pins out, otherwise I let them in. So far I had only one or two broken needles. The other comments make me a bit concerned now, that I could harm my sewing machine seriously. Mmh, so probably I'll take the pins out even more often in the future.

  12. Hi Liz,
    I take them out, but I don't stop, just take them out when you get near them.... :-)

  13. There is a very special surprise waiting for you on my blog today...
    http://fairyfiligree.blogspot.com/2012/01/hey-bloggers-its-award-time.html. Be sure to visit - I hope you'll like it..

  14. Hi Liz
    I take my needles out, if not - same things like yours happened to me too ;-)
    Today I went to town to buy new needles for my sewingmaschine.

    1. Hallo Liz,
      das kenne ich,da ich leider auch gerne über Nadeln nähe.
      Aber eine Gute Nähmaschine muß das abkönnen.
      Meine mußte schon eine Menge aushalten(lach)

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  15. LOVE all the couch caddies! As for pins... I'm a half & halfer. Sometimes I do Sometimes I don't. What does that say about me? :)

  16. I used to be a sewer-over until one day my machine said enough! It put the timing out on my poor little machine and I had to pay to have it fixed and it never did really run well since then, so I eventually replaced it. Now I am definitely a taker-outer!

    PS--found my fabrics for my arm chair sewing caddy (I think!). Now to get busy before the end of the month!

    Cathy ♥



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