Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SewingRoom SewAlong………

Who wants to SewAlong with me ???  I am doing this project with my quilting group so I thought maybe my 6 readers would like to do it too ?
We are making items for our SewingRooms….all those little things we always wanted to make…pincushions, sewing machine covers, needle case, etc…. but never got around to doing, well now's the time!
Each month has a theme…on that month I will post links for FREE patterns in the net for that theme!  You pick whichever  pattern you like ( you might even have a pattern at home you have been wanting to do but lacked the motivation…that's why I’m here…to motivate you ). You make the item…you can send me a picture and I will post it or I can post a link to your blog …At the end of the year you will have all those things you need for your SewingRoom.
SR Logo1
Here is the planned Sewing calendar…..
  • Jan – Armchair / Couch Caddy 
  • Feb – Sewing Bag / Tote
  • March – Tidy Totes / Thread Catchers
  • April - Pincushion
  • May – Sewing Machine Cover
  • June – Thread Case
  • July – Scissor etui
  • August – Needle case
  • Sept – Sewing Case
  • Oct – Thimble Holder
  • Nov – Tape Measure Cover
  • Dec – Done!!! …we need time to get ready for Christmas.
Here's the deal…every 6th of the month I will post the links…you pick one…sew it …let me know you did it and I’ll toss your name in a hat…at the end of the year  I will pick a name and you will win a prize!!
If you post my SewingRoom  Sewalong Button on your blog I will toss your name into the hat again…( please let me know you did so)
…if you become a follower your name goes into the hat too. (current Followers, let me know you are doing the SewAlong and I will toss your name in the hat)
…this means by the end of the year you could have 13 chances ( if you make more then one of the items…your name will go in the hat for each item you made.)…great way to make some gifts and get more chances…either way you win!
I’ll be back on Friday with the first links…hope you can join me !
P.S: If you have a Free Pattern / Tutorial on your Blog …please let me know and I will post !


  1. Hello Liz
    that sound very interesting ;-)
    I will join in

  2. Hi Liz, as I'm outing myself being one of your six readers and I'll join in.
    Hugs Katja

  3. Hey Liz.... LOL! Must be the year for trying to motivate... I won't join in cuz I've just got too much on my plate... and, er... well, I've kinda got a thing going on that I'll be posting on my blog (hopefully today)... not quite as sophisticated as yours, but something to motivate myself and my sis... but, I don't mind adding your button to my blog... so if that's okay, that's what I'll do... Hugs.

  4. Hi Liz, my name is Sabine,I'm from germany.
    I would join your Sewing Room Sew Along. I will also place your button on my blog.
    Greetings from Sabine

  5. hey Liz sounds like fun I will try to join too i just have to find the time lol

  6. Hi Liz,
    that sounds like a really good idea, and I want to participate. For so many years I wanted to sew a cover for my sewingmachine, now I´m sure I´ll do it in may.
    -and by the way, I´m you newest follower number 73 ☺
    Liebe Grüße

  7. In English?
    oops, ok. I am a Follower now, No. 78 and it sounds great, i love all this needful things. I am working on a cover for my machine, but it is for my mother.
    Pincushions and needlebooks....i can't wait for tomorrow.
    Jetzt aber auf deutsch ;-))

    Iris, die sich freut wie Bolle auf diesen Sewalong und gleich mal drüber postet.

  8. Hi Liz,
    First: I live in Germany and I'm your newest folloxer number 76.
    Your idea is very promising and I plan anyway, to sew one or other of your projects. So I'll join in and I have post your SewingRoom- Sewalong-Button on my blog.
    Best regards, Christa

  9. This sounds great and funny too. I will do my best to follow the sew along and of course I am a follower too - new # 79.

  10. Hi Liz
    I wrote about this Sewalong on my blog and added your button in my sidebar.

    A great idea and it will be a great event.

  11. I'm follower No. 80. I need many things for my sewing room. It's a great idea and I'll do my best.
    Have a nice weekend

  12. Hi Liz,
    I am of the 81st Follower, it's a great idea, but English is quite difficult for me, so I try it with the translator of Google, why not to laugh when my written is funny for you
    lg Doris

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hi Liy,
    I´m no. 82 - please count me in :-)

  15. ok Liz, I am going to give it a try... I have been following you for a while now i don't know what number i am

  16. Hi Liz!! I'm Susan's daughter Amy :) I wanna join! I haven't been an 'active' blogger for quite some time but I intend to be much better this year!! I wanna join the SewAlong too!! :)

  17. Hi Liz!! I'm Susan's daughter Amy :) I wanna join! I haven't been an 'active' blogger for quite some time but I intend to be much better this year!! I wanna join the SewAlong too!! :)

  18. Hi Liz - that sounds great - I will join too!

  19. Hi Liz!

    After o long time of nonsewing I`ll be back and it would be nice to sew something for me to make my sewing space more happy.

    I`m now follower no 85 and I will grab your button to put on my blog.
    Looking forward to the first link.

    Best wishes from Austria

  20. Hi Liz,

    I hope I am not too late to join the fun.

    Maria in NC (formerly in Vienna)

  21. Hi Liz,
    i´m follower number 91 and I put your blog in my sidebar and a photo of the sewalong on my blog. You had a really, really good idea. Thank you and have a good time.
    Bye, bye

  22. And I am No. 93 ;). Great Idea, thank you very much for sharing!

    Hugs Nickels

  23. Hi Liz,
    I wrote about this Sewalong on my blog and added your button in my sidebar.
    I'm follower No.96. I need many things for my sewing room, too. It's a great idea and I'll do my best.

    Hugs Klaudia

  24. Hello I`m Nº101.this is a great idea.

  25. Hi Liz,
    I´m follower No. 102.
    I´ll do my very best to follow this sewalong because it´s great!!

  26. Hi Liz,
    a great idea! I need also a lot of things for my sewing room. What a shame that I missed the first pattern. I've heard about you initiative today from Klaudia.
    Have a nice weekend

  27. Hi Liz,
    great idea, I need a few things for my sewingroom too. Hope I still can participate ..... will try to sew the couchcaddy this days.
    Grüße in meine alte Heimat Darmstadt

  28. Hallo Liz
    Das finde ich eine super tolle Idee und für mein Nähzimmer könnte ich noch einiges an Untensilien gebrauchen. Trotz meinen wenigen englisch Kenntissen hoffe ich, dass alles klappt. Den Button werde ich auf meiner Seite verlinken.

    Danke und Grüsse

  29. Hello Liz.... I am now follower no. 109. This is such a lovely idea and I will try to sew-along because I do so want 2012 to be my 'Year of Sewing'. I have put your sew-along button on my blog too.

  30. Absolutely! I would Love to join in here!!


  31. Hi, I don't know if I have time to follow this fun. But you asked for tutorials. Here is a tut for a pincushion and a round bag. Both with many photos and the text what to do is below every photo.Made by me and free to download. Enjoy!

  32. Am I too late for this? I just discovered your blog and think it sounds like a great idea. I realise I already missed January but I'll try to catch up. I am now a follower and I put your picture on my blog. Judith x

  33. I really love your blo0g and your monthly projects. Now I will be making things for myself. Thanks Maria

  34. Oh my gosh! It's April! I just joined; I'd better hurry and catch up!!!

  35. Hello Liz, I just found out about this blog and so a little late in getting started, but it sure looks like a lot of fun. Thanks, Anne

  36. Thanks for this. The projects all look pretty manageable! Looking forward to trying to keep up.

  37. I am so happy to find your site. Your projects are beautiful and useful. Can't wait to start

  38. I am so happy to find your site. Your projects are beautiful and useful. Can't wait to start

  39. I am so happy to find your site. Your projects are beautiful and useful. Can't wait to start

  40. I just LOVE your site/blog!! I would love to follow along! As I just came across this lovely blog how do I get the pattern for January?
    Thanks again!



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