Friday, February 17, 2012

Finish Friday….

First, I would like to say a big THANK YOU top everyone for the wonderful compliments on my Sewing Bag. I am glad you all like it too.

Since my tote took up most of my sewing time, I didn’t get many other things done except I did manage to finish my  item for the 2012 Ufo Challenge. I was to finish my fabric mushrooms ( that I started loooooooong ago)

DaDa !!! They are done!!!

Mushrooms done I know the season is wrong but when fall comes my decorations will be ready to go!

This may not count as an official “finish” but since I am desperate to show you something, I am counting it! I did finish cutting out the pieces for my next project ( and actually sewed some of the pockets together)

Oliva bag  I hope by next Friday to actually have it “really” finished.

That's it for today…not much but better then nothing!

What are you all working on??



  1. The mushrooms are lovely and love the red and white tote bag too ......... really useful!!!!

  2. Mushrooms are adorable.. I can hardly wait to see your new blue purse/bag/tote.

  3. Fabric mushrooms looks on the grass so cute and colorful.This type of mushrooms use in the decorations.

    leaflet holders



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