Friday, March 16, 2012

Finish Friday…….

I am happy to present Olivia !  I have been working on this purse for weeks now…In German we would say …”es war ein schwere Geburt!” (it was a difficult birth)… not that it was difficult to sew; it just had a lot of parts and with my knee I couldn't sew long…but finally it is done! Yepee!!

Olivia ft

The back has a set in zipper…love these kind of zippers!

Olivia Back pocket

Concealed Top Edge Zipper..…next time I would make this a bit longer…I am not a fan of gaps along the top of my purses. ( just a personal thing)

Olivia top

The front has two pockets with magnets ( this was my first time inserting magnets…easy!)


Both sides have these adorable gathered pockets….

Olivia side pockets

Inside has tons of pockets….this I changed from the original design, I like lots of pockets!

olivia inside

The other thing I did different is I quilted the lining pieces with “Bodentuch” since I found the bag was to soft and with all the heavy rings it kept crunching together. Since I couldn’t add more Batting to the outside ( it was done) I figured I would add it to the inside, so I pre-quilted the  pattern pieces and it worked like a charm…the purse stands on its own !

The other thing I should mention is that the purse is Big! (41cm X 25 x 10 (16” x 10” x 4”) …I would of know this before hand if I would of actually read the front of the pattern! Its amazing that we don’t read!

All in all the pattern was fun to make…the ebook was well written (I only didn’t understand one part but that was due to my reading & translation skills!) The design is by ChrisWDesigns. I can't wait to make the Bella bag but that is going to have to wait a while….the sun is out and the gardne is calling my name!




  1. Was für eine wundervolle Tasche, liebe Liz. Und deine 100 Innentaschen sind genial. Ich brauche auch immer viel Stauraum. Und mit dem Zipper hast du recht. Breiter ist besser, sonst kratzt man sich immer beim hineingreifen.
    Diese Anleitung werde ich auf meine Wunschliste setzen. Zum Lidl sollte ich heute auch mal.....Bodentücher kaufen ;-))
    Ich benutze sonst meist Thermolam und H640 oder H630 Vlies.
    Hab ein schönes Wochenende.
    Iris, die die Balkonmöbel schon auf dem Balkon hat und wenn Biathlon vorbei ist, ein wenig Sonne geniessen wird.

  2. very nice,have a good weekend from Tenerife!!!

  3. WOW truly amazing.. What a great purse. And you did a great job.. Of course It's blue so it even it looks amazing. lol
    I love all the pockets in side and out. You are just moving along good for you.

    1. Das ist eine wunderschöne Tasche. Und "die schwere Geburt" hat sich wirklich gelohnt.
      LG Grit

  4. Wouh, was für eine tolle Tasche! Ich liebe Taschen mit vielen Innentaschen und Fächern. Man braucht nicht sein halben Leben um zu suchen. ;-)))) Die schwere Geburt hat sich wirklich gelohnt.
    Liebe Grüße, Marita

  5. Eine wunderschöne Tasche, Liz ... und so praktisch mit den vielen Reißverschlüssen.
    LG und ein schönes Wochenende, Christa

  6. Love, love , love that bag Liz!
    It's such a great design and you did a fabulous job of the making up.
    Lovely fabrics you chose for both outer and lining.

  7. Liz, this bag is gorgeous, I love it.
    Have a wonderful spring-weekend

  8. "Geez O Pete" -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this purse Liz !!!!! You did such a great job! It looks too difficult for my skill level yet - but I am working my way up!! This purse looks so good!!!

  9. Liz, the bag is beautiful. What a lovely shade of blue. Love it.



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