Friday, March 30, 2012

Finish Friday….

Your not going to believe this but I just realized that its Friday !! My Hubby has been keeping me so busy that I don’t even know what day it is !

And to make things worse I haven’t sewed anything to show you …..the only thing we finished this week was the garden work !

Till today, we were having beautiful summer weather…so my Hubby & I took advantage of it…actually I should say I took advantage of the fact that he was home this week and I dragged him to my favorite nursery to get some shrubs (after all I can’t dig & plant with bad knees but I can supervise and I am good at that!)

We planted a bunch of shrubs ( I can’t keep up with all the perennials )….get ready for a lot of GREEN!

pig trugThis was an old pig feeder from Oma…now it’s a planter.

Shrubs in my back beds…


IMG_3525This tree is called Toscana something ( I can’t remember ) but it smells wonderful!

Along the back wall we planted all these little things….

side 1

side 2

side 3

I picked this up since it had polka dots…love it !…pity its not pink!

polka dot shrub

To add to our planting spring fever …our cousin Iris gave us more plants from her garden. A lovely rose bush and 3 Buxus shrubs. We planted the big one in the planter by the door …big Buxs

and the two smaller ones in the side of the stairs.

on stairs

What do you think Iris…doesn’t it look good ?? We love it !

So that this post isn't all GREEN…here are a few colors from the garden…..CHerry blossom



Have you had enough of garden work yet…Max has!!!

Max had enough

Actually it was good that the weather turned ugly today…otherwise I would of dragged my Hubby to another nursery for more plants….there is always next weekend!

Tomorrow I hope it rains…so I can sew a bit!! I wanted to make another Thread catcher and tomorrow is the last day….please let it rain!!!



P.S. Don’t forget to send me your pictures for Sundays Post !


  1. O your plants are so beautiful & I LOVE your "piggie -planter"!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  2. Hi Liz,

    what a wonderful garden and plants!...Beautiful!

    Hugs Klaudia

  3. Dear Liz,
    you and your husband did a really good job: your garden looks just beautiful. There is not always enough time to do all the things we want to do. And sometimes we have to realize that there was no time for sewing or stitching.
    Have a good sunday. I´m looking foreward for the next job to to concerning the "sewing room sew along".

  4. dear Liz
    your garden looks so beautiful, you and your hubby did a very good job
    have a nice sunday

  5. Hallo Liz
    Ich glaube, du weißt und fühlst im Kreuz genau, wieviel du diese Woche geschafft hast.
    Wahnsinn, und so ein schöner Garten.
    Ich habe es auch auf die letzte Minute geschafft einen Threadcatcher zu basteln.
    Ich muß gleich mal gucken, was im April dran ist.

    Hab einen schönen Sonntag




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