Sunday, March 18, 2012

Showcase Sunday….

this week a bunch of you were productive…and this makes me very happy ! ( It gives me something to post about on Sundays …and I  love seeing what everyone made…I’m nosey!

Doriloh said that my little round thread catcher inspired her to make one too…I love that hers is even bigger ! …and is that my rose fabric inside ??? (great minds think alike !)


Klaudia sent me a picture of her thread catcher…she plans on catching a lot of threads !


(Klaudia…for some reason I can’t leave a comment on your Blog Trauriges Smiley…just wanted to let you know that I like your Shoe & Purse Quilt!)

Rosa made this cute Catcher for her machine….


Susan went crazy and made 3 thread for each machine ( and mats for under her machines ( check out her blog to see them)…the lady has to many machines!!! (yes I’m envious!)

Susan 3

Susan 2

Susan 1

(love the daisy buttons! )

Christa said she didn’t need one but made one anyways…Good Christa!!


Amy was also productive and made this catcher in purple ( I am starting to think her favorite color is purple! )


As I was checking all your blogs I discovered that Sabine also finished her thread catcher…love the fabric…would look great in my living room!


Lisa said she didn’t need a thread catcher but I told her she did..I am glad she listened to me!


Sharon sent me this picture of her thread catchers is the original size & the other one she made bigger. Sharon…if you happen to read this please send me your Blog addy…I can’t find it ?! ( how embarrassing !)


Where almost done!

One last picture.

Katja….finally finished her Sewing tote !! I knew she could do it with a little help from a friend ! Katja, you still have time to make your thread catcher…the month is not over!


That’s it!!

WOW that was a lot of Thread catchers !

Way to go Ladies!!


Now I am off to pack…my Hubby decided we needed to get away for the week so tomorrow we’re off to Holland …I hope to “top toe through the tulips! …actually I am hoping to “tip toe through some fabric markets” , if I can find them !…shhh, don’t till my Hubby!  I’m packing my iPad and will try and blog from there …if I can figure it out ?

In the mean time…keep sewing …the month is not over…you still have time to make a Thread Catcher ! I’m looking forward to your pictures!



  1. oh Liz, How exciting Holland.. Bring back some little wooden shoes. :)
    Thanks for posting the thread catchers . it is so much fun to visit everyone's blog.
    Give me a yell when you get back.I want to hear about your trip.

  2. Oooh what lovely thread catchers everyone has made.
    I especially love the flower shaped pincushion one that Susan made and what a lovely basket Katja made.
    I finally got round to cutting out a little round thread catcher basket.
    Hopefully it will be made up tomorrow.

  3. Hallo Liz,
    du hast es richtig erkannt, es ist "Rosalie" ;-)), und es wird noch ein kleines Körbchen folgen.
    Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Zeit in Holland (Stoffmärkte gibt es ja dort auch genügend *grins*) also viel Spaß.
    LG Doris

  4. Dear Liz,
    beautiful thread-cathers. Well done all of you.
    Have a good week and until soon.



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