Sunday, April 22, 2012

Showcase Sunday…….

Did you ever have one of those weekends where it was just filled with running around,visiting, shopping and other  non-stop stuff and all you wanted to do was go home,  put your pajamas on and call it a day???

Well…I just put my pajamas on and I am calling it a day!

After I finish this post I am crawling into bed with a book and relaxing a bit.

But first I have to show you all the lovely pincushions that were made this week!

Marga made 2 pincushions as gifts…I find the cat adorable with his button eyes.

Marga 2 (Huggybear

She is braver then me…I would have been afraid of tackling those pointy seams !

Marga 1 (Huggybear

Angelika made this tiny finger pincushion…practical!


Then she whipped this one up from left over blocks…good idea….besides I like the pink !

ANgelika 1

Susan was on a roll again….here is her second PC… love the measuring tape fabric.

Susan 2

Amy also made the same PC…she calls it the 10 minute pincushion ( I think she must sew fast!)


Doris made this PC to match her tote ( I gotta ask her which variegated thread she used)

Doris nadelkissen1

Martina made this great bird pincushion ! Come here birdie birdie!

Martina 1

Maritina 2

Quiltbiene said she decided to make a practical PC…I think I need one of these kind too!

Sabine 1


As I was checking everyone's blog I discovered Sabine made this adorable mouse!! Love that its on a a trap!


Petra ( NB) made 3 round flower ones…..she was very productive!


Last but not least……you know know how I always say…”better late then not finished”…well Daniela is testing me . She thought I was kidding…

I have to show you all the things she finished ( she has no blog, so I got alll the pictures at once )

She made a couple thread catcher & a couple pincushions ….way to go Dani !


But the coolest thing she made was her Quilting tote…now I know why she was late with her project…check out this tote…it carries everything but the kitchen sink!  You can be very pleased with yourself Dani ! I would be !



That’s one of those BIG mats in there !!!


That’s all the pincushions for this week…great job ladies !!

Now I am off to curl up with a book …a quilting book but still a book ! 

Have  a lovely relaxing Sunday!




  1. so many cute pincushions... I like them all.. I wish I would make them too. I need another rom in my Thanks for sharing

  2. O, I love them all too -but I am always a sucker for any "animal"!

  3. Hi Liz,
    love the cat and the mouse pincushion! They are fantastic!

    But also I love this London-Style-Bag!

    Wishing you a happy week,

  4. Beautiful pincushions a lot of very talented people.

  5. Ich habe gerade die wunderhübschen Nadelkissen bewundert. Das mit der Maus ist mein absoluter Favorit - einfach toll genäht.
    Liebe Grüße



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