Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everything really is bigger in Texas…..

…especially the packages that arrive from there!

First let me say that I am lucky to have a friend in Texas ( actually 2 …mother & daughter team). We have never met in person, we have talked numerous times on the phone, we have sent each other packages (hers are always better then mine…she has better stores !) but somehow over thousands of miles…. a friendship has formed through the internet.

I am happy that Susan and Amy are my friends…not only because their emails and conversations make me laugh and make me feel special but because they send the greatest packages ! LOL

I had asked Susan to send me a couple of patterns…this is what arrived….a box full of goodies….

from Susan & Amy

…there was yards of that cool sewing fabric, a FQ of her favorite tape measure fabric, lots of grommets for purses, needles ( boy do I need them !) bobbins, stitchery patterns, buttons and beautiful charm and these neat silicone finger tips so that I don’t burn my fingers anymore when I iron bias tape….and the sweetest gifts was from Susan's grandson ( Amy son) Jacob…a chocolate bunny!

from Jacob

The bunny didn’t come with missing ears…that was me checking to make sure it was good …and it was!

When I showed my Hubby all the goodies I got…he said… ”Everything really is bigger in Texas” ! 

He's right…especially the generosity of my friends!

Thanks Girls !!!

Big Hugs,



  1. Gosh, how lucky are you Liz?
    Susan and Amy have spoiled you.
    I'm loving the sewing room themed fabric and the chocolate bunny looks rather good too even without a head!
    Was trying to see what is on the patterns but ?

  2. Liz you are too funny.. You deserve everything in the box and MORE. As you said we are friends and I do hope one day you come to Houston for the quilt festival and we meet in person.. But I do feel I know you already

  3. Liz - I'm SO GLAD that Mommy found you so long ago - or did you find Mommy ? LOL either way - I am grateful! It is truly my privilege to consider you a friend!! I sure wish we could get you to jump into a box and mail you to Texas! LOL Mommy and I talk about you quite often while we are sewing together :) We think the world of you - and wish you weren't all the way on the other side of that world :)

    Big hugs from me & Mommy & Jacob



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