Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where is my Zipper Foot ???

I have spent a pleasant afternoon in my sewing room sewing away…till now …..somehow I lost my zipper foot !

I think little gremlins have stole it so I can't finish my thread case…..but I am determined to have it done by Friday ( it doesn’t look good when I don’t get the Months project done.)

I have looked everywhere for that darn foot…I was using it making all the pockets…I switched to machine quilt the background …now I wanted to attach the pockets and the foot is gone….

…look at all the pockets I made……this is going to be one long thread case !


…back to looking for that foot…grrrrrr !!!



  1. I'm SO GLAD to hear that I am NOT the only one this happens to!!! HA HA HA (Poor Liz though - I hate it when that happens!)

  2. Den findest du bestimmt wieder!!!
    Lg Gitta

  3. Oh dear!!!!! Hope you find it soon, I can't wait to see your finished thread case.



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