Sunday, July 1, 2012

Showcase Sunday….

Today I am happy to share with you more finished SewingRoom SewAlong Projects….

Bente…finished her thread holder just in time ! Great job Bente !!


She also managed to finish last months project…sewing machine cover. She used a block that she learned free form cutting on and turned it into a cover. Great thinking!

Bente SMC

Angelika also recycled old blocks and turned them into her Thread stand cover…great way to us up old blocks!


That makes a total of 10 finished thread cases you all made!! Considering everyone is on vacation I think that is a good result…but I am hoping for a few late comers Smiley

10 Thread Cases

Tomorrow I will be posting Julys Project…Scissor Etui / Case so be sure to stop by for the links.

Don’t forget it is never to late to send me pictures of your finished project…its just important to finish it !

For every finished project you make… your name goes into the hat and at the end of the year,  a name will be pulled for a prize….the more you sew the higher your chances are of winning!

It’s a rainy Sunday here…so off to your machines ladies !!



1 comment:

  1. tolle Sachen sind entstanden und ich habe diesen Monat nicht mitmachen können. Das Nadelkissenkörbchen von Bente habe ich vor zwei Jahren schon gemacht und war im alten Blog
    aber das zählt ja leider nicht.

    Bin gespannt auf deine neuen Links, weil meine kleine Stickschere dringend einen Schutz braucht für die Spitze.

    Iris, die deine Aktion immer noch so toll findet.



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