Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sewing Room SewAlong….Needlecase

I can't believe August is here !!

Where did the summer go ??

Actually when is the summer coming ???

Did I sleep through it and miss it ??

Maybe it will come today ?? In the meantime we can sew !

This months SAL project is an easy quick one.  Everyone can put down their knitting needles for an hour and make this project…yes, you do need one !

A girls can never have to many Needle cases!!

Here come this months links …..

This is one of my favorite Needlecase patterns by Khris at Sew prim khris



I made mine a little different then the tutorial…I used felt for the whole inside ( no separate pocket) and I trimmed it with lace to make it look pretty.

needlecase 1

I then printed needle types labels and stuck them to each section…now I have every needle at hand.

needlecase 2

Here's the same basic idea by Serendipity Handmade but its made to look look a ladybug …cute!


Pretty Felt case…..


Isn't this Owl Needlecase adorable…I know here are some Owl lovers out there! I can see needles on the inside of their wings !


How about this “Needles on the Go” …for the smokers out there ?? I bet this is made in 5 minutes!!!

Needles on the go

Maybe you would like to embroider something ?? How about one of these by Cinderberry Stitches…..


Sweet & Spotty….

Sweet & Spotty Needle Wallett

Or a chocolate covered strawberry needlecase…perfect for summer … if we had a summer?


Here's one for all the Hexagon lovers ( Dani) ….


Happy Birthday to me !


How about a toodstool ?? …to cute


We can't forget the needle house by Sulky








None of those ideas excite you …then how about a needle case for your sewing machine needles ??

This one by Vicki ???

Machine Needle Organizer 1

or how about this version by BetuláLoo ???

Needle case

Here are some clever ways to keep track of the needle you just took out of your machine….







the most elaborate one I have seen ….….link


quick & Easy…print this chart on fabric…


I might have to sacrifice my Tomato PC to do this…simple but effective!


Just for inspiration ….

this Hamburger is the most creative I've seen!


super pretty …I want one of these !


One of those ideas has to inspire you ??? 

I am curious which one you will pick ???

I can't wait to see your creations !

Hugs, 8EE70D378876121B41B6BA571C708845


  1. Oh, Liz, i have a Hexagon Needelcase, an some more others, but now, i need two more.
    My Favorites: Nr. 1 an d 2 in your list, and Sulky dear, where do you find all this needful things.
    Oh, it is a film title...horror...


  2. Lovely needelcases, dear Liz!
    I must do one I just think to make a different one whne I see all those beauties here ;O)
    Big Hug for Max again :O)))
    Have a happy day,

  3. Hallo Liz,
    ich habe nun das Februar-Projekt vollendet, du kannst es auf meinem Blog sehen.
    Für das Nadelkissen kann ich mich ja später noch entscheiden, mir gefällt die Tomate sehr gut. Du hast ja wieder so fleißig Muster zusammengetragen!

  4. I have so enjoyed looking at all the needle case ideas. I will definitely be giving Through the Needle a good look. I think the little felt ones at the end look so cute but I think my favorite is the strawberry dipped in chocolate. Thanks for all the links .

  5. Dear Liz,
    I really have enough needlecases. This was my opinion until now. And now I think: who said I have enough...forgotten. Such lovely, inspiring links. Thank you...and until soon.

  6. You have done your homework! This is the most wonderful display of needlecases in one place...I have never made one...yet! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great idea to list all these different (and cute I might add) needle cases.I have been selling a sewing machine needle case in my local community for the past seven years. I call it a "Needle Nannie”. I’ve just published a kit for making these yourself. Of course, if you don’t want to make one, you can buy them already made up. It’s available on Etsy.

    I hope your blog readers find this useful.



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