Sunday, October 14, 2012

Showcase Sunday……

I am thrilled to say that some of you have been busy sewing !!! Yepee!!

Check out these lovely Thimble Holders that Maria, Gitta, & Bente have made!

Maria made hers with black polka dots…you know how I love polka dots!

….when its not being used as a thimble doubles as a paper stand !

Gitta made hers n dark blue silk…fancy !

Gitta 2


Bente…used my one of my favorite fabrics to make hers…it would look great in my tote & sewing case….ummm, I wonder if I have enough scraps to make one too ??

Isn't it just to cute ??!

Pop over to her blog to see the whole set !

Cute, Cute, Cute !!


Great job on the Thimble holders Ladies !!!  I love them all!

Today was a rain day…yepee..:I love rainy Sundays…means I can spend the morning in bed reading a book with a big cup of coffee & the afternoons in my sewing room playing with fabrics.

Today I did just that!

I managed to finish sewing all the gift baskets but due to the rain I couldn’t get a good picture…maybe tomorrow??

Have a great rainy Sunday…don’t forget to Sew Something !!



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  1. These thimble cases are so cute. Love the Polka Dots.



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