Friday, December 21, 2012

Finish Friday……

before I took my “ Sick Break” I had given you a sneak peak of something I was embroidering … on our couch we have a few big pillows for those cozy naps and of course they needed to be more Christmassy ….

…Dada!! …the new Christmas pillow covers….

Xmas pillows

These are BIG pillows …24” ( 60cm) I had to do a few hooping's to get them embroidered but it was worth it…

I love them !

xmas pillow 1

A few close up shots …..xmas pillow 1a

Xmas pillows 1dxmas pillow 1cxmas pillow 1b

Second Pillow….

xmas pillow 2

Wish you could see how these bells shimmer…lovelyxmas pillow 2axmas pillow 2bxmas pillow 2cxmas pillow 2d

The designs are by Urban Threads and where stitched on Linen from my favorite store … Ikea.

Back to my sewing machine…gotta get those last minute gifts done !




  1. Dear Liz,

    your Christmas Pillow Covers are geoprgeous! Amazing, beautiful, perfect!

    Hope you both are well again and Christmas Dinner can come ;O)

    Wishing you and your hubby a wonderful 4th advent and a Merry Christmas!

    Love and hugs

  2. Dear Liz,
    your pillow covers are great! I have to finish some, too, but I am not in sewing mood today... (and I have to - otherwise I can throw everything in Grouchos garbage bin and do the up-today-work again... I know me - and what happens when I am unconcentrated).
    Here school ended yesterday for this year - what was the best I can say about the last week. Everybody I know is so stressed and with blank nerves that there is not a shade of anything merry... Can only become better now, isn't it ?(please agree....)
    Hope you are able to eat good dishes again. Maybe you should train you stomach for Christmas? :-)
    Have a nice 4th advent weekend and a happy, happy Christmas and a healthy New Year 2013!
    Best regards!

  3. Schöne Kissen hast Du gemacht, ich wünsch Dir auch Frohe Weihnachten!



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