Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SewingRoom SewAlong…Optional December Project & Prize !!

Officially the SewingRoom SewALong is over but since I had a few more ideas of little things some of us might need for our SewingRoom ( or Christmas gift ideas) I decided to add them all here….

Decembers projects are optional !! ( I will be posting the Winner from the SewingRoom SewAlong …tomorrow…I first have to check my list to see how has been naughty & who has been nice !

But to make it a bit more fun …I decide to have a little prize for anyone that actually does sew something this month.

The Prize is this card of 12 charms…..


Below you will find a mixture of ideas…make anything you like…or maybe you have a pattern sitting at home…it just has to be something for our sewing rooms. ( kitchen curtains don’t count ! )

Once you have made it …send me a picture or link and your name will go into the hat…the more things you make …the more times your name gets entered into the hat. On January 2nd, 2013 I will pull a name! That gives you a whole month to sew!!

Here are Decembers project options…..

Rotary Cutter Holder ( I definitely need one of these )…

This one is by Husqvarna….


Lovely CQ Case by Rissa Peace Root…


Do you have more then one rotary cutter…how about this bag by Sulky  ??


Jessica made this clever case using a potholder…wish I had such nice potholders ! I would of left the loop on from the holder and added a button…just an idea ?

Crafts 219

Teri at Sewfantastic has a nice tutorial for eyeglass case…which could double as a rotary cutter case….


Actually…now that I think about it…Eyeglass cases also belong in our sewing rooms ( at least in mine!)

Love this one from Crazy Creation… pdf is found here

glasses case100dpi

Pencil cases could also double as Rotary cutter cases…wouldn’t this one by Noodlehead be cute with a little rotary cutter design on it ??…ummm, might have to make it !


Maybe you need an Ironing board & Mat Case…would be great to take to classes…

Ironing board and mat case

Or a Sewing Apron…to have all the supplies right on you ….


Mug Rug…I use mine all the time…..don’t want coffee stains on our nice fabrics …I am not going to post links for Mug rugs since I think we all know what they are…but if you need some inspiration…check out Pinterest! …grab a coffee first !

Note book cover….we all need a somewhere to make notes of ideas, designs, WIPS, etc.…why not a nice covered note book…

a mini one by Obsessively Stitching

17valentine notebook

or a bigger one by ModaBakeShop


Ginabean Handmade has this adorable Notepad tutorial


How about some Pattern Weights ???

pattern weights 1

Or how about a Project board ??….

Project Board

Last but not least…who doesn’t need some of these adorable Floss / lace / Ribbon Bobbins ???  My Sewing room needs some !


Maybe you have an idea that I haven't thought if??? Let me know !

Off to your machines Ladies ! ….

Happy Sewing !



P.S. sorry my posts are radical right now… I’ll try & do better but Hubby is home for the next couple of weeks & my health has been giving me some trouble …getting older sucks !!


  1. Such fun ideas! They are really cute and woud make nice Christmas Gifts.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good morning Liz, many wonderful ideas! must chekc it later again in a quiet moment ;O)
    I do not know if I find some time...but if, I woiuld like to do a sewalong with you too! but can't promise today :O(
    Hope you feel better now!!!
    And ... I completekly understand how it is with Hubby at home... mine is at home as well, on leave.....only get half the things done I would love to ...LOL

    Have a wonderful day,
    sending love and hugs, and get well soon!

  3. Dear Liz,
    schön, dass du die Blogger mit weiteren Nähzimmer-Ideen versorgst. Ich könnte da auch das eine oder andere gebrauchen, besonders, weil ich bald tatsächlich ein Nähzimmer haben werde. Dir eine gute Adventszeit!

  4. Danke für die schönen Links
    lg aus Köln

  5. Wieder so viele Ideen, Du willst uns immer zum Nähen verführen.

  6. Liebe Liz,

    danke, für deine tollen Ideen...mal schauen, was noch fertig wird;-)
    Dir wünsche ich gute Besserung!

    LG Klaudia

  7. Liebe Liz,
    was für ein Glück für mich, dass ich auf deine tolle Seite gestoßen bin! Soooo viele tolle Ideen...
    Bitte mach weiter so, ich werde noch oft bei dir reinschauen :-)
    Gute Besserung und alles Liebe,



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