Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Blues….

I don’t know if its the ugly weather or the time of year but for some reason I can't shake the winter blues…..I have lost my “get Up and Go” …its Gone !! I don’t know where it went but it left me.

I need a serious kick in the butt to get motivated again…


I just want to stay in bed  and hibernate like a bear……


In an attempt to cheer myself up …I bought these adorable polka dotes vases and filled them with flowers….


…ahhh heck, I filled the whole table …..

dots table

and a few in the kitchen too !

dots kitchen

I know these flower won't last long inside ( to warm) but for a few days I can feel like Spring is here !

Is anyone else  having the Winter Blues ??

How do you shake it ?




P.S. It does cheer me to see all the new links added in the Create Along…Keep it up Ladies…I am glad to see someone is sewing !


  1. No winter blues for me. I love the winter. Time to spend indoors where it's cosy and sew and check out the internet. I dread the hot summer and start dreading the next one as soon as it's finishing. Love your pots and flowers.

  2. Hi Liz,
    how nice flowers. And the pots do fit perfect with you blog design!
    And you have my favorites in your post - Calvin and Hobbes!!! I love them (I have to search for my book immediately!)
    Today I had to throw my kitchen flowers in the litter. And I had a cleaning attack... Maybe it is the first touch of "Frühjahrsputz"?
    I get more lazy every day, and becoming brilliant in finding more and more excuses not to go to the gym, but as you should know, I have that awful cough and it is snowy/rainy/windy/sunny/??? outside............ (Do you think I should invest in Calvins business? Maybe a kick is all I need.....)
    Have a nice evening!

  3. I'm sleepy...I could go with the hibernating for the next few months!

  4. Good morning , Liz :O)))

    Wonderful springflowers on your table :O)))

    Winterblues? No, never ...LOL....
    GET UP AND GO ;O)))))

    Live is too short to hibernate ;O)))

    Wishing you a lovely and creative day, my Dear!

    love and hugs
    Claudia :O)))



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