Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine….. Valentine ….Giveaway !

This morning when I woke and wished my Hubby  “Happy Valentine's Day”  …I said to him …Please don’t get me any overpriced red roses today….Normally when I woman tells her Hubby NOT to do something …she really means for him to do it ! But this morning I truly meant for him NOT to do it ! Besides I still have my roses from last week and he can save his money towards my button machine !

Normally we don’t go crazy over Valentine's day…I am one of those wives that believes that your Hubby should tell you every day how much he loves you and how wonderful you are !! …but since I live in the real world …I take what I can get…overpriced flowers and chocolates that go straight to my hips !

Not being totally cynical…I did decide to decorate a bit for Valentine’s day….here are the goodies I whipped up in the last few days.

Valentines decorations

The little heart garland was super fast and easy to make…something the kids would love to do.  You can find the directions are here 


The little hanging hearts wall-hanging was inspired by Amy Valentine Heart Pillow …I just made a mini wall-hanging instead of a pillow

Heart Wallhanging

When I saw Bunny Hill Designs jar filled with hearts…it inspired me to make my own hearts ….


Filled tray on our coffee table

Hearts on coffee table

Another thing I made were Froebel Hearts….super fast and easy ! You can find the instructions here ( only in German but lots of pictures) Great for the kids to make !

Froebel Hearts

paper heartsI used 1/2” x 13” strips of two sided paper to make them

I hung the linen hearts from our dining room table lamp…sorry that the pictures isn't very good…guess the camera had enough of lovey stuff !

Hanging linen hearts

Our home is all decorated with tons of hearts…this put me in a Lovey mood, so I figured I would have a little Giveaway !!

If you would like to win these charms, meter of heart ribbon, heart buttons and 5 preprinted linen hearts ….

Be mine Giveaway

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me if you find Valentine's Day romantic or commercialized ?? ( Your answer does not effect your chance of winning…I’m just curious)

I will post the winner on March 1st !

I Wish you all a very

Happy Valentine’s Day !!

Even Max will get special treats today…

Maxs treat



P.S….Did anyone else decorate for today ???


  1. I really like hearts a lot, but I don´t like Valentines day too much. For me there is no need for a special day to say your "I love yous" I think that can be done all year long.
    Nice decoration!

  2. Valentinstag ist schon sehr kommerziel, aber über Blumen freue ich mich immer. Schöne Herzdeko hast Du!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Hi Liz,
    have a happy valentines day (or from now on better evening)
    Our son (who has winter holiday in school this week) and I made some hearts for (tiny tiny) decoration with ironing beads. They are hanging from our lamp now and I superior whether I should take them for the create along projekt..... ;-)
    I have a big doubt whether I will make it up with something else... (lazy me... If I will make it up with anything else you have to bear a big show off :-P )
    Hugs from Bavaria!

  4. Oh thanks for sharing your lovely dekoration! Looks so sweet! I find Valentines very commercial and we never really paid attention to it!

  5. I find it more romantic now that I don't have to scramble to make sure the kids have stuff to exchange and can celebrate to match my low key approach! Pink & red makes me feel happy so I do love seeing all the projects in BlogLand and hope to make some of them over the next year.

  6. Liebe Liz,

    eine wunderschöne Deko zeigst du...ich mag Herzen auch sehr!Den Valentinstag empfinde ich allerdings als zu kommerziell...ich meine um "Ich liebe Dich" , zu sagen oder zu zeigen, bedarf es keinen Valentinstag....das kann man doch jeden anderen Tag auch...und darüber freue ich mich dann um so mehr
    Blumen mag ich das ganze Jahr, aber ganz bewusst verzichte ich am Valentinstag gerne darauf...denn "Vorgeschriebenes" mag ich nicht und ausserdem ist dann ist dann meistens alles überteuert!
    Ich hoffe ich stehe nicht allein, mit meiner Meinung;-)

    Liebe Grüße Klaudia

  7. Hallo Liz,
    also Deine Deko ist Dir sehr gut gelungen und wirklich schön.
    Was den Valentinstag betrifft so bin ich auch der Meinung das es eine sehr kommerzielle Angelegenheit ist und nichts mit Romantik zu tun hat.
    Mein Mann schenkt mir seit nun mehr 20 Jahren (!!!!) jeden Samstag eine Rose, er hat das noch nie vergessen ,oder im Laufe der Jahre als kindisch bezeichnet.Diese Rose,jedes Wochenende bedeutet mir auch heute noch viel mehr als jeder Valentinsstrauß.
    liebe Grüße aus dem Sauerland,
    Susi W.

  8. I find it romantic as well as overly commercialized. Way too many people focus on spending great amounts of money on things and not spending quality time with the one they love.

  9. Liebe Liz,
    deine Valentine-Deko ist so hübsch und natürlich möchte ich gewinnen!!!
    Der Valentinstag ist das, was man daraus macht, ob und wer gerade an meiner Seite ist. Am Besten: sich selber was Gutes tun und versuchen immer nach vorne zu schauen und die gute Laune nicht zu verlieren.

  10. I find it over commercialised - everything is so overpriced!
    Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  11. Liebe Liz, zum Valentinstag ganz liebe Grüße an Dich.
    Und ich wünsche Dir als Quiltfreundin alles Liebe und Gute und immer viel Freude im Nähzimmmer.
    Für Dein kleines Giveaway möchte ich mich auch gern bewerben.
    Ganz liebe Grüße von Sabine

  12. I love all your heart decorations they look great Tim and I usually just exchange cards for valentines day but this year he went the extra mile After almost 40 years we tell one another every single day we love one another. Hugs susan

  13. Some super photos you have shared. I love hearts all year round. We don't go overboard on gifts etc either, he's so good all year with everything to make my heart pitter patter. I took him to breakfast because I was overwhelmed this year. You'll have to read my blog to see why... We are ROMANTIC's not commercialized.
    Thanks for all the fun photos and cute little heart displays. Sweet giveaway to some lucky one too!

  14. Liebe Liz,

    ich hoffe es ist nicht schlimm, dass ich Dir nun in Deutsch schreibe?. Deine Valentinsdekoration finde ich ganz bezaubernd. So schön die ganzen Herzen. Ich finde diesen Tag doch auch sehr kommerziell und finde man sollte einfach dem Anderen zwischendurch zeigen wie lieb man ihn doch hat. Vielen lieben Dank für die Bastelanleitung und das süße Giveaway.

    ♥-liche Grüße


  15. Thank you for sharing all of your lovely hearts. I particularly like the wall hanging. We don't usually decorate for valentines but I did make a bowl of little valentine cushions this year. I do think that is very commercialised, everything is overpriced and often tacky looking. I had to pop out to the supermarket earlier and it was full of desperate looking men quickly buying last minute flowers. We keep it small and simple as our real day for celebrating love is our wedding anniversary.

  16. Thanks for sharing the lovely items. I love Valentine day. I feel this day is so romantic and special..

  17. Liebe Liz,
    es sieht total gemütlich aus bei dir, thanks for sharing.
    Ich mag ♥´en jeden Tag aber so einen speziellen Tag für Liebende finde ich auch ganz nett, besonders für ganz frisch verliebte *lol* Kann so bleiben, jeder soll damit machen was er möchte und ich finde es toll wenn so viele herzliche Blogposts veröffentlicht werden. UND wenn du wieder eine Giveaway für uns hast, da mache ich gerne mit!
    Herzliche Grüße
    -und vielen Dank für deine Mail ☺

  18. I love Valentine's Day, I don't thinks it's just's a special day to let others know you love them. Some people may not show it here is the opportunity tell someone special...I Love you! And what's better than hearts or the color red! some of my absolute favorites! Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Beautiful decorations! I hopped over here from Sigi's blog and I'm so glad that I did! Your decor is lovely, and to answer your question, I think today is commercialized. My hubby shows me every day of the year how he loves me, so no need for flowers and candy today! Heehee! Thanks for the chance to win such cute things!

  20. Liz,
    I LOVE Valentines day! Commercialized or huby brings me flowers a few times a year, sometimes they are a branch from one of our apple trees in the spring, to see if the blooms are still alive, sometimes apricot blossoms in bloom, roses from his Mother's rose garden, sometime some wildflowers on the farm, sometimes a bouquet from the grocer and sometimes roses from Costco, which costs him about $24 for 2 dozen roses. and I love them ALL.
    throught he years I have loved to make treats for our children and my hubby. I took treats to school almost every Valentines Day when our children were young, and we would make or purchasae was such fun. I am all about fun...and LOVE, so I would love to win your linen hearts, they are so beautiful!
    Hearts to you,

  21. Good morning Liz,
    what a wonderful post, so filled with Heart :O)))
    And a lovely Giveaway too :O))) Thank you for this!
    We do not celebrate Valentines day, we do not need any expensive gifts or flowers..too much commercial........ for us every day is a "Valentinesday"... just a kind word, a kind gesture, a smile ....
    Have a wonderful day and weekend,
    Love and hugs to you,
    Claudia :O)

  22. Liebe Liz,
    dein Post ist sehr schön. Deine Basteltipps werde ich mir merken :-)
    Eigentlich ist der Valentinstag ja romantisch, aber die Vermarktung ist fürchterlich.
    Zum Valentinstag und auch zum Muttertag machen wir individuelle Überraschungen.
    Also nichts Gekauftes....
    liebe Grüße Birgit

  23. I find it commercialized. We don't need a special day to celebrate our love for each other.

  24. Lovely decorations Liz and I like Max's cookies, think Daisy would love them also! I think Valentine's Day is great for young lovers but becoming to commercialized over the years!
    Hugs from Holland, WILMA

  25. I am Dutch and I live in France. In both countries valentine is mostly a commercial day. So for me there was nothing special I only

    made a blogpost with hearts on my blog. I mostly post on wednesday and sunday but on wednesday i was very busy so no time to take pictures.
    But I LOVE the hearts in your giveaway!!!!

  26. Liebe Liz, eine wunderschöne Valentinsdeko zeigst du uns, vielen Dank. Auch hier ist der Valentinstag sehr kommerziell und für uns ein ganz normaler Tag.
    An deiner Verlosung nehme ich gerne Teil und vielleicht habe ich Glück.
    Liebe Grüße

  27. Wunderschöne Valentins-Dekoration...das würde mir auch gefallen ;-)

    Liebe Grüße

  28. Dear Liz,
    so schön, wie ich Deine Dekoration finde. Ich selbst kann mich nicht dazu durchringen. Ehrlich gesagt, finde ich nicht nur den Valentinstag sehr kommerziell, sondern eigentlich alles, angefangen bei Weihnachten, Ostern ...
    Weiterhin viel Spaß beim Dekorieren

  29. Your hearts are so pretty. I particularly like the ones in the basket. Such cute fabric.

  30. I just LOVE Valentine's Day! I realize it's become very commercialized these days - but, people never get enough of hearing how much you love them! I did decorate for Valentine's this year - but, not as much as I would have liked. I think I'm going to have to make up some hearts like you made for next year.

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. I'm Icelandic, live in Luxembourg - where Valentine's Day is very commercialized and I think it is just imitation from USA. Yet though I like hearts and I do love yours. I don't need a special day to tell my family I love them.

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. For me and hubby, it's romantic. For the kids, it's a way I can show them my love. We don't do anything commercial with it, really.



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