Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Showings….

I tried thinking of a catchy title for todays post but since my post is filled with a mismatch of things, this is the best I could do.

On Thursday my Hubby and I celebrated our 16th Anniversary….boy does time fly by ! ( and some days it crawls)  When my Hubby came home with this lovely bouquet of flowers…the first thing he said is …Sorry their not red, they had no red roses left ! ..I had to laugh…boy does he know me good !  Not all flower have to be red but try explaining that to a man ??!

flowers from Ingo

flowers from Ingo 2

The 16th Anniversary is Silver Hollowware  ( I know what Silver is but is Hollowware ?? …turns out its silver bowls & platters)  Look what I got …not silver, but rusty metal ..I wonder what that says about our marriage ??

From Ingo(Actually I will love this when my roses are in bloom )

On Friday Lisa visited me and brought me these adorable oven mitts (their almost to cute to use !)

from Lisa

Lisa started a Machine Quilting business half a year ago and does a beautiful job ….I tried to convince her to take all my Quilt tops and machine quilt them for me but the best I could do was get her to take one…can't wait to see what she does with it ?

Millenium Top 2001(I am embarrassed to say…this is my Millennium quilt….did anyone say which millennium the quilts had to be done by ??)

Last but not least….I have show you the adorable Thimbles I got from my sister….She was in New York and picked these up for me…don’t you just love them ?!

from Eva

Now I am off to sew a few hearts …Valentines Day is coming…what are you all working on today ??? Your Home Sweet Home projects by chance ??




  1. Hi Liz and congrats :-)
    In Germany one has to wait 25 years for silver :-) Do you collect thimbles ??? They are cute, but I´m heavily in love with the yellow one with the cab :-)

  2. My favorite color of roses was always yellow, but I may change my mind after seeing yours. I am fortunate to have my mother's thimble collection and I have to agree with Angelika (above), the taxi thimble is very unique. Really like your heart pot holders.

  3. Those orangey peach roses are absolutely gorgeous! Red is nice and traditional but my favourites are the ones that go from pink to orangey. Unless we're talking ranunculus and then I really like the ones from green to pink. Actually, I've been so spoilt with flowers this week I've learnt I love all flowers :)

  4. Happy Anniversary Liz. I'm not fussy on the colour of roses. I'm just happy to get some. LOLLL My most favourite flowers of all though are Lavender and Fuchsias.

  5. We will go trough all these tops in no time, I promise :-) !

    In Germany the anniversary is the sapphire anniversary, I guess you should switch to german after all, you even get to celebrate 17 1/2 !!

    hugs Lisa



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