Friday, April 26, 2013

Lovely Beading Day....

Yesterday was such a lovely day that I spent it the whole day in the garden ! I pulled some weeds, gave Max a bath ( and then myself a shower) then I decided it was time to do something fun and relaxing..I beaded.

Here is the Zuleika Bead !
It reminds me of a Turkish Bazaar...bursting with color !!

 There is even a little Bling-Bling on the bottom!

This wonderful pattern is by Hedi, she designed it for our Bead meeting last year..I wonder what she
will design this year ??

Hedi...I hope you like my version of your Zuleika ist nicht "sushi" !!!

I was hoping to work on the Hedi-Boller today but it looks like rain which means I should do my housework instead of sitting outside beading all day...darn !


P.S....I want to thank everyone for all the good wishes for my upcoming knee surgery...I go to the hospital on May 14 please cross your fingers, press your thumbs...or anything else that will bring me luck !


  1. Hi Liz,
    what a beautiful bead... looks like from an oriental fairytale :O)

    I will keep my fingers crossed for your surgery!
    ( hope I get my work done with crossed fingers ... LOL ...)

    Love and hugs to you,my dear friend,
    and have a happy weekend!

  2. That's gorgeous! I've not sat in the garden once so far this year, send us some of your sunshine please! x

  3. Dear Liz, your oriental bead is great. you don't need tiny Elfi anymore??? ;-)
    are you not running danger to go mad with that beads while you are beading them??? I - for sure - would!
    I keep my fingers cross for you and I am sure that everything will be good. (But go to look at Knuffingen before you make your surgery! It is worth to see.)
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Oh, how long will you stay in Hamburg after your surgery?



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