Friday, April 5, 2013

Sewing Weekend .... I come !

I am off for a weekend of sewing fun !

12 woman will be storming a hostel with their sewing machines & fabrics and by Sunday we hope to come out with something finished !?

Remember the Petrillo Bag & the Aeroplane Bag  patterns I tested for Sara...well, they are having their premier outing today !

They are packed and ready to go !

I had bought this jelly roll ( my first one !!!)  from NähstübchenUntermDach  to make a quilt top this sewing weekend  ( not an Lasagna quilt) .....a summer quilt'll have to wait till and see how it turns out ??

...I also bought these other fabrics at NähstübchenUnterDach but they are for another project or two...actually two of the fabrics have already been used to make something...I am sure you can guess what ???...But I can't show you (yet)

Hope you have a productive weekend ! 
Create something for your kitchen !!!


  1. Dear Liz,
    Have fun at the sewing weekend, we will be off for ours the next Weekend -

  2. Dear Liz,
    have a funny sewing weekend. Your new fabrics are wonderful
    Hugs Marle

  3. Hi Liz, I wish you a week-end with a lot of chatter and laughter.
    Enjoy it!
    Hugs Katja

  4. Dear Liz,
    those bags are georgeous! and the new fabrics wonderful!
    Have a lovely and creativ weekend :O))
    Big hugs

  5. What a wonderful set of bags. Have a fun weekend, can't wait for you to come back to let us know how you got on.

  6. Love the bags!
    What great fabric you chose.
    I'm curious to know where you keep all of the many bags you make?



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