Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chasing Dust Bunnies.....

incase you are thinking that I have disappeared and gone off on some exotic are wrong...I have been busy chasing Dust Bunnies out of our house.

Next week I have my knee surgery and after that I won't be able to do any housework ( pity !!)  or anything else but lay around taking it easy .... so I thought I better get everything done now! What was I thinking ! Spring cleaning is awful ! never ends !!!

....I have given up on Spring Cleaning the house .....we have to much stuff !!!

Since the weather got nice ...lots of sunny days...yepee!!  I decided to change my Spring cleaning location from inside to outside  ...ain't I smart ...go where the sun is! 

I got the garden tools out.....

bought some shrubs.....

and lots of flowers .....

a few herbs.....

and put my Hubby to work.... 

...first bed is planted .... 

.....and now I am off to plant some more or should I call it paying in the sun ???



  1. Hee hee! Spring cleaning in the garden, I like it!!

  2. Hi Liz :O))

    Oh yes, Spring Clean is so useless ...LOL... better go in the garden and plant all your wonderful new plants :O)))

    Here we have rain, so I can't do anything out... I am knitting more socks ...LOL...

    Have a lovely holiday tomorrow!
    Big hugs to you

  3. love how you have plants on your downspouts... SO cute... Never seen that before.. I am always learning something new from you.. Your garden looks great...

  4. I laughed so much when I read this post. Love how you got hubby to work. Pretty flowers and shrubs.

  5. Spring cleaning....oh I know that feeling. It seems that my little flat got as big as a penthouse. D:

    But your idea to go outside and "spring clean" your garden is wonderful. You got a nice and good looking flower and herb collection there. :)

    Best regards

  6. LOLLLLL....LOVE how you put HUBBY to work! LOLLLL That is EXACTLY what I would do...great minds think alike! :D
    ChrisW Designs

  7. Lustiges posting *lol*
    Liz, ich wünsche dir viel Glück bei der OP!

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