Friday, May 24, 2013

Floral Windows Quilt....

I can't believe I have entered the "Quilters Show & Tell" contest again.....but I couldn't resist ...its my favorite topic ...Flowers !

And I just had to show you my favorite quilt !

Floral Windows !

(Excuse the strange looking was taken long ways, the right side of the quilt is laying on the ground, I just turned it so you could see it better)

All the blocks are hand appliquéd...some of the fabrics are hand dyed ( a few especially for this quilt)
I loved making this quilt !!! It is a large quilt 85 " x 120" thats why its not quilted yet...the thought of trying to stuff it in my machine to quilt ...scares me ! ( I'll just wait till Lisa has time to quilt it on her long arm)

Since it is hard to photograph the quilt due to its size ....and its raining are close ups of the order as they appear on the quilt.... get ready for ALOT of picutres !!!!

Daffodil Block.....

Pansy Block.... dear friends hand-dyed fabrics for me, for this block.

Peony block...this one is my favorite block!

Iris Block...

Wisteria block...

Roses Block...

Fuchsia block...

Tulip block...

Here are the 6 Half Blocks.....

and the corner block.... 2 of each were made

Trying to take pictures with it on my cutting table...not an easy task.

That was a lot of pictures!!!

The pattern is by Dianne Johnson, she has fabulous patterns.
The original pattern has ivy leaves appliqué on the sashing ...I decided not to do that ( I would of gone nuts appliquing all those leaves) besides I always visualized the sashing quilted with a leaf design instead.
( this is the original pattern)

If you made it to this point and you like the quilt as much as I do ...please go vote for would make my day!


P.S. Thank-you to all that voted for my "Mothers Quilt"...even thought I didn't win it was nice to know you liked it ...besides the quilt that did win, deserved it.


  1. Dear Liz .........
    what a fantastic georgeous quilt!
    You did such a great job with those appliques!
    I don't have words....just sit here with big big open wonderful!
    Hope you are well and do not have much pain from the surgery!
    Have a lovely weekend and take care,
    Love and hugs to you,

  2. Das ist aber auch ein Prachtstück! Welch Arbeit da drin steckt.

  3. Georgeous!!!
    Aren't you supposed to ly somewhere with legs up. I tried to imagine how you were taking this pictures with leg up ;-)
    Hugs Katja

    1. You would be surprised what positions i can get into ! LOL

    2. ...just my thoughts Katja !!

  4. Wouh, I love this Quilt! Your flowers are so beautiful!!!! I love them all!

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous Liz. Absolutely stunning and definitely a worthy winner.
    I have been to vote and see you are well ahead. Good luck!

  6. I voted for you even though I have a quilt in the Gallery yous is Magnificent hope you win.
    It is just Spectacular Good luck

  7. This is an amazing quilt, you're so talented. I went over to vote for you and you're ahead.

  8. Amazing! So beautiful! You have my vote for sure!

  9. I love this quilt and once we are both ready for it, it will be quilted !

  10. Wahnsinn!!!!!Meine Stimme hast du....

  11. Wonderful quilt, a masterpiece of applique!
    May be I should start mine too (bought the pattern from you ;)

  12. i followed you here from the quilting gallery. I absolutely love your quilt. Someday I am going to make something similar, well something all appliqued like this. And I like the idea of quilting ivy in the sashing. I quilt ivy a lot because I can, lol.
    Mary Anne

  13. Es precioso, suerte.



  14. Your quilt is so lovely. Thank you for sharing all the close-ups.
    It seems a shame not to hand quilt it after all that work. You must have an amazing long-arm friend.

  15. Oh my word, this floral quilt is a masterpiece. I can only imagine all that amount of work, time and patience that had to go into it! truly amazing! love the daffs, especially!



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