Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp Stitchalot Bag....

Once again I was lucky to be able to test a bag for Sara at Sew Sweetness.

This time it wasn't just a is a Sewing Project tote for me ! 

This is a big bag ( 20" x 14" ) ...for all your sewing, crafting, painting or drawing supplies ...In my case....sewing supplies ! ( be sure to click on the pictures for a bigger view)

 The front has 3 big pockets !! 
I added a bit of binding to the edge of the pockets so I could see them easier in my busy fabric....and I think it adds "pffiff" !
You can see here that the front pockets are big enough to hold a 12" x 18" cutting mat ! 

 The back has a big pocket with a flap...I machine quilted it a bit.

The inside has 4 large see-through plastic pockets for supplies ( I only made 3 pockets since I ran out of plastic) Also I didn't have enough red zippers, so I was forced to get creative, I used a different color zipper for each pocket and staggered them a bit...I am happy I was forced to be creative...I like it with different colored zippers.

 The inside also has 2 pocket on both ends...perfect for books, patterns or magazines!

It is hard to take a good picture of the pockets filled since the plastic reflects so much but this should give you an idea how much you can put in it ....LOTS !

This is a great project was easy to sew ...the instructions are well written ...and it looks really cool ! The only change I made was that I used Velcro for the front closure since I new I would overstuff it and the magnetic snap might not hold it all ??

Some of you that read my blog are saying to yourself...I know that fabric ...YES, I have used it before ...actually a few times.!  ( even Sara asked me if I bought a bolt of it??!)

I used this fabric again on purpose ...I wanted a complete sewing weekend set ( just like Paris Hilton ! )

Remember these bags I made for sewing weekend.... now this one matches the set too !
( the wine helps me machine quilt better !)

These bag patterns are also by Sara.
This one is the Aeroplane Bag 

and this one is Petrillo Bag 

The sewing machine bag is my own creation ...this was the beginning of the floral print !

and now I have a sewing project tote to go with the could I not make it in this fabric ???

I promise that that is the last thing I will sew with that fabric ( unless Sara comes up with something else I need for my sewing weekend set ??)

Hope you liked seeing my version of "Camp Stitchalot Bag" !?


P.S.What till you see the next pattern Sara is coming out with...your going to love it ! All I can say is Polka Dots !


  1. Liebe Liz,
    was für eine tolle Tasche und was für ein super-schönes Set!!! Du musst dich hinter Paris Hilton wahrlich nicht verstecken und die kann nur einkaufen, nicht selber machen!!!
    Guck auf meinen Blog: you´re a lucky one!!!
    Hugs and L.G.

  2. Jetzt brauchst Du dringend eine Gelegenheit zu verreisen, damit Du Deine schönen Taschen ausführen kannst.
    Das Set ist super!

  3. Was für eine schöne Taschenparade mit ganz wundervollem Stoff.
    Liebe Grüße von mir

    1. How much of that fabric can one woman possibly still have left?

      I did Sara's next one too, faux ostrich skin from me thank you very much :D

  4. Great job and having a matching set is a great idea and the fabric is a perfect choice for the set too!....Mind you.....I get sick of my fabric choices after sewing just ONE bag with them....I don't know how you managed to do a set and still love the fabric! LOLLL
    ChrisW Designs

  5. Gorgeous finish to your set. Maybe a little pouch with any scraps left over. LOLLL I love my Stitchalot bag. It has so much room for everything. Can't wait to see your polka dots on Sara's new bag. It's a beauty.

  6. Gorgeous finish to your set. Maybe a little pouch with any scraps left over. LOLLL I love my Stitchalot bag. It has so much room for everything. Can't wait to see your polka dots on Sara's new bag. It's a beauty.

  7. you can never use too much of a fabric you love! great bagsand the multicoloured zips look great

  8. Hallo Liz,
    die Taschen sind superschick. Leider bin ich in der englischen Sprache nicht so gut und verstehe nur die Hälfte. Sorry, das Schulenglisch ist sooooooooooo lange her. Wünsche dir weiterhin immer genug Stoff unter der Nadel.

  9. I think that sales of Ikea fabric must have shot up since you started showing off this series of bags :)
    Love this latest one which would be so useful to take to quilt group.
    Love it and all the other bags you made in the same fabric.



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