Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aragon Bag...

Here is proof that I can sew a bag without using Ikea fabrics ...

Let me present ....Aragon ( where do designers get these crazy names ??? ) Or as my Hubby called it "graue Maus" ( gray mouse) but what does he know about nice bags !?
 This is a big bag !! ....16” long x 12” tall x 5-1/2” deep
Sara designed it as a diaper bag but I think it is to pretty for is a perfect weekend bag!  Or a normal purse for those women that like to carry everything but the kitchen sink with them ! 
This bag is for you !

I wanted to make this bag in red leather but then I saw this upholstery fabric ...its rough like a tweed and is really cool in person. So I decided to go more sophisticated, instead of loud ( red)  I am so glad I did ...I love how this bag turned out ...even it it did cause me a few gray hairs ! ...more on that later...

 The bag has these cool gathered pockets and I added this leather trim to the edge 

 I decided on using webbing for the handles  (lazy way out) ...besides I had just ordered 10 meters of webbing and I couldn't wait to use it.

First I wasn't going to add the half round pocket, but I am glad I did.... I was lucky to find this button in my button jar...perfect

 The back has a large zipper pocket...As you can see I machine quilted a  Zig zag design to help hold the batting to the fabric ( yes I used the floor cloths from Lidl again ...shhh, its our secret)

For me,  gray or black needs red ...dada...the inside it in red !
 The inside is also filled with more gathered pockets. There was also an inner zipper pocket but I left it I wish I would of added it .

The one thing I did do different then the other testers is that I didn't bind the inner edges with bias binding ( I am not a fan of this finishing technique) So I thought I would do it my way and turn it...I can tell you ...this is where I got the gray hairs...there is a reason why Sara didn't turn the is so thick !!
It was like trying to turn a board inside out !! I have to admit I almost gave up ( it was 3am) ...the next morning I was ready to admit defeat and use the bias binding for the edges last try and it worked like a charm ?? The little gremlins must of oiled the fabric in the night to make it slip & turn ! I would NOT recommend doing this for the "weak" at heart....follow Sara's directions and save yourself gray hairs.

That is my gray mouse bag...hope you liked it ! 
Be sure to visit Sara's Blog and see all the other testers fabulous versions!
Pop over to Maria's blog and try your luck at winning the pattern !


  1. It's a very nice grey mouse! And the quilting is a good idea. I like it.

  2. That is a gorgeous, classy looking bag. Love the fabrics, colors and details!

  3. Eine sehr edle! "graue Maus" hast Du da gezaubert!!!
    Und sie passt zu Allem!!!
    Liebe Grüsse von Angela

  4. Good morning Liz,
    this bag is georgeous!
    I thought about buying the pattern, but I wait until I finished all my orders,otherwise I do this bag first ;O)
    Yours is wonderful!!! Love the fabrics you choosed!
    Happy day and lovely weekend to you,
    Love and hugs

  5. Mit dem roten Futter passt die Tasche sehr gut zu Dir! Eine nur graue Tasche wär für Dich ja nicht richtig gewesen. Sie ist übrigens sehr schön!

  6. Like I said in my email, you're a genius. The way you quilted the pocket and the bag to match was so clever and I love that red fabric. I also like that you didn't use the binding to finish off your seams. My hair is already grey so I may just give it a try next time I make this bag.

  7. What a wonderful bag!!! Great work!
    Liebe Grüße

  8. This is a gorgeous bag Liz. Love the gathered side pockets. And really you used to live in Hamilton.....? We would habe neighbours...yes tea would have been a must!

  9. Liebe Liz,
    wie wundervoll deine Tasche ist. Einfach perfekt, wie immer. Die Stoffwahl: ganz großes Kino!!!

  10. What a beautiful grey mouse! and the red linings is the perfect complement.
    Liebe Grüße

  11. I wish I'd done it my way turning it out. I've still got to finish stitching the binding down ;)

    I love the grey and black though, it looks very professional :)

  12. looks great Liz. I love the red inside. :)

  13. It is gorgeous Liz! I love the zigzag quilting and the fabric choices were perfect.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  14. Lovely grey mouse, well done for persevering!!!!

  15. Great job Liz! It looks very classy and professional!!

  16. Ooooh! Lovely bag - but I especially love the sumptuous lining! Beautiful!

  17. Beautiful version of the Aragon! the trim and button really worked on giving the bag a very classy look!!

  18. i had a similar problem with the lining. I didn't want to use bias tape either! but because I also used piping on the bag, there was no way to get around it. it also pushed me to my limit, but l am very happy with the results!



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