Monday, September 9, 2013

Fabric !!

Don't you just love it !!!
I know I do!
What is it about pretty fabrics that make me weak in the knees !
The colors, the textures ...ahhh Fabrics...I just love them !

On Sunday I had the pleasure of becoming weak in the I didn't spend the day with my Hubby...I spent the day at NaestuebchenUntermDach " Open House"....I fondled and stroked and played with Irmgards lovely fabrics ! ...of course, a few had to come home with me.

These are what I call "Happy" fabrics...just looking at them makes me happy !! Don't they put smile on your face ???

I couldn't resist this christmas linen...

....and fabrics with words on them make me also weak ! ...this is actually a lovely green. could I resist these buttons ??? Their pink!!

When I wasn't fondling fabrics...I had fun chatting with ladies and meeting new Bloggers ( Hi, RoteSchnegge). ...between the coffee & cake breaks...we also got to make buttons and try out the Clover  Flower makers...I made these two.... I was leaving...I spotted this wonderful fabrics on my way out...Irmgard had just gotten it in. I don't know who its by but this stuff is so cool !!!
This fabric is thicker then normal patchwork fabric, is 150cm wide, has a light soft feel to it and has the coolest colors...its like 3D fabric !!!

for those that prefer softer colors there is this one..... that not the coolest fabric you have ever seen????

Irmgard was so sweet and gave me the fabric and said I am to create a bag with them...oh my goodness, how am I suppose to cut into this fabric?? Which pattern should I use, what will show off the fabric best....any ideas ?? many decision...till them I will just fondle them and smile :-)

P.S: If you need a dose of Happy fabrics, you can find them * here


  1. Wow,was für ein Stoff,Wahnsinn!!!!
    Da bin bin ich mal gespannt,was du daraus zauberst.

  2. Good morning Liz,
    WOW many wonderful new fabrics! Love the last one, so cute!
    So ...happy sewing ...looking forward, what you will make out of it all!
    Happy day,
    Love and hugs

  3. Liebe Liz,
    du hattest ja einen tollen Tag (auch ohne Ehemann ;-)) und deine Stoffe sind wunderschön. Ganz besonders die letzten zwei. Bin gespannt was für eine Tasche du aus den 3D-Stoffen nähst.

  4. oh my gosh, all are lovely but that last one is something speciall!!!

  5. Du hattest ja richtig Spaß "unterm Dach" das freut mich.

  6. Liebe Liz,

    wow, die Stoffe sind mega klasse...bin gespannt, was du daraus nähen wirst!

    LG Klaudia

  7. Gorgeous fabric. I especially like the two 3D ones. I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect bag pattern for the fabric, until then happy fondling.

  8. Dear Liz,
    concernes the Home Sweet Home Create Along: is "Office" also the Sewing Room? Because at home I have no Office, thanks god and I just created a lovely pincushion for my "Sewing Office"...:-))))



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