Friday, September 27, 2013

Lombard Street

...isn't only a street in San Francisco but another great bag pattern that Christine of ChrisW Designs designed! Your gonna love this bag ! I am so glad I got to test the pattern because now I have this cool bag !

This post is very color better put your sunglasses on !

Welcome to Lombard Street...with all its twists and turns !
The front is loaded with tons of pockets...

.....even one for your cell phone......
and a hidden one with a zipper !
The pockets don't stop there....there is a great big pocket on the back, for your iPad !!  Its padded to keep your iPad or tablet safe.

If those aren't enough pockets.. there are more inside !!! 

Christine should of called this pattern " Chock full of Pockets" !! you think I drink to much coffee???
In case you haven't seen enough pictures are a few more ..I love the flowers on the gussets! the recessed zipper to keep everything safe inside.
The pattern calls for these real cool oval eyelets but since I couldn't find any...I did it the old fashion way ...with a D- Ring & a slider since I like adjustable straps. I didn't have enough fabric for the straps and I improvised...I used webbing and sewn pieces on top of it to match the bag. I think it is was a good solution.

If you want to make this cool iPad can find the pattern in Christine's Shop ....
It is an advanced pattern but have no fear, it is extremely well written and consist of  47 pages and 81 pictures ! You will be very happy you made one....I know I am !

Incase you are wondering where you can find the fabric... it is at Irmgard's shop and is called Nina. You may remember me posting about this fabric and how cool I found it. 
My hubby though I was crazy when I said I was going to cut it apart to make this bag...The first cut was the hardest to make but I had a vision so I just had to do it my way...besides, sometimes its nice to prove him wrong !  ( when I showed him the finished bag...he said I was right !!..those words are music to my ears !!! )
Now if I could only convince him I need an iPhone for my bag ! 

P.S: Irmgard, I hope you like what I did with the one fabric ? I haven't decided on the other one yet !


  1. Good morning Liz,
    WOW... another lovely bag you made! I love the 3D Fabrics! Wonderful for this bag!
    Have a happy day and a happy weekend too!

  2. Hi Liz, you did a really good job ! This bag is so cool :-) I don´t think you need an Iphone . You´ld rather get an GPS for it ;-))

  3. Boah!!! Liz, was hast Du aus dem Stoff gemacht!!!!! Mir fehlen die Worte! So cool - einfach nur genial! DANKE für die Bilder!

  4. Cool, schön, praktisch, GENIAL!

  5. I'm speechless Liz. This is the most wonderful fabric and just perfect for this bag. You always turn up with some lovely surprises and I'm always waiting in anticipation to see what your next creation will be.

  6. Was für eine fröhliche große Tasche!
    LG Angelika

  7. I don't mean to point fingers or be mean...but you really confused me when I saw this on Christine's blog....I was like, how on earth did she sew all of those felt flowers on?! So you're to blame for my confusion. By way of apology, I'll accept chocolate. :)

    There's not one ugly item you make Liz, I'm so glad you're back sewing now and I hope you've fully recovered from your op xx

  8. Absolutely amazing fabrics ... the birds, the flowers, the dots, the plaid. You did a beautiful job!

  9. What a great colorful fabric! There's no way to not be happy when you look at this purse. You did a great job. About cutting the fabric I can imagine is like cutting a cake that is super decorated. Sometimes I don't understand why people make very elaborate cakes just to cut them up and eat it. !? Back to the bag. It's just amazing how you cut the fabric to feature great pieces at the right place in the purse!! Lots of work there!! Congrats!!

  10. Liz when I first saw your bag on Christine's blog posting, I flipped over that fabric. I had never seen anything like it. I will take a look at the link where you got it in a minute. I absolutely love how your Lombard Street bag looks in that gorgeous fabric! You will definitely be stopped all the time because people will be asking you about your beautiful bag.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Perfect fabric and embellishing for this cool bag! It is gorgeous and fun!


  13. Liebe Liz,
    da hast du ja für deinen tollen 3D-Stoff eine traumhaft schöne Tasche gefunden. Jetzt bin ich ein wenig neidisch.

  14. This bag is amazing and the fabric is stunning.

  15. Again, Thank you for testing for me Liz....LOVE LOVE LOVE your version! Now i am off to add WHERE to get that fabric, to my blog post...people NEED to KNOW! LOLLL

  16. Oh, oh, oh - this is soooooo incredibly amazing - I think I am in the deepest kind of bag envy. That fabric is mind-blowing! And the way you have worked the print to maximise both the pattern and the fabric is nothing short of genius. Congrats Liz on a stunning piece of art.

  17. Fantastic bag - and the farbric wow together amazing !
    The Designer did a great job and so did you sewing all those pockets :o)

  18. You did your homework very well. Mark 1***

  19. Love the fun, colorful fabric, and the felt flowers are just the perfect icing on the cake. Fantastic.

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