Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rain day...

What is a girl to do on a rainy Saturday??
Go Shopping or stay home and sew???
What would you do ??

I decided to put on my flannel Pooh Pajamas and fluffy pink socks, grabbed a big cup of coffee and headed for my sewing room  (besides I couldn't convince my Hubby to go shopping)

Ina from Pattydoo had brought out another adorable free pouch tutorial / pattern ( sorry the video is only in German but I am sure you can sew it just by watching it) and I have been dieing to try it is my Vicky pouch !

the Pouch is 8.5"L  x 4.5"W x 3.5" D...a good size.

I wanted to make it with this cute striped vinyl tablecloth I had bought...but for some strange reason I can't find it ...has that ever happened to you ...that you can't find fabric you had bought?? grrrrrr....It must be the Sewing room Gremlins!

As all of Ina's tutorials, it was fast, easy to sew and the outcome is adorable. I definitely will be making another time I will try normal fabric instead of vinyl.

Now I gonna grab another cup of coffee and try to decide which color the next one should be ??


P.S:  I have a question...does anyone know what caused those little blobs in my seam ?? the needle bad, is the thread to old ...or ???  Curious minds want to know ...Me !

Hope you have a sewing rainy day !!!


  1. Such a cute pouch. Love it. I've had this problem in the past and in my case it's usually been the tension or the wrong size needle.

  2. Liebe Liz,

    dein Täschchen sieht ganz bezaubernd aus...schöne Farbwahl hast du getroffen...

    Blumige Sonntagsgrüße
    *◦.(¯`:✿!:´¯) ✿ღ

  3. Liebe Liz,
    dein Täschchen ist, wie alle deine Taschen, bezaubernd!!!
    Ich geh mir jetzt das Täschchen angucken.
    sigisart, die hier noch in ihrem Pyjama herumsitzt ;-)))

  4. Wunderschön sieht dein Täschchen aus.
    Zu deiner Frage......ich glaube deine Unterfadenspannung stimmt nicht.
    Und Nadeln soll man(Frau)öfter wechseln,nicht warten bis sie brechen(grins)



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