Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What does ....

....this purse make you think of ??

...get the beer ready..I'm off to Octoberfest !

Actually I am not going to Octoberfest but when I was finished make this bag...the first thing that came to my mind was that I needed a Dirndl and off to Oktoberfest I could go !

This pattern has been in my " To Do " basket for over a year and finally on the sewing weekend I started it. The pattern is by Machwerk and is called Julia !
This is a big bag ... 46 X 9 x 32 cm (18 "x 12" X 3.4" )... I could easily fit a couple liter beers in it !

I am pleased with how it turned out but I must admit I had some sewing problems...the pattern is on German ( that wasn't the problem) but the pattern pieces don't include the seam allowance have to add it to the pattern...I'm not use to that since all the english patterns have the seam allowance included. Of course I didn't read that till after I had cut all the pieces...ooops !! my bag is 1/2 " smaller but you would never know it.

The bag has tons of pockets that are tightened or loosened by those stoppers on the elastic cord.

....inside even has as a few pockets...a sewn-in one ...

...and one sewn on....

....I had to use pink polka dots for the lining ....this is a girlie bag !

I even made a little Bummel to hang on the bag.

Don't you just love this printed fabric..I got it a couple of years ago when we were in Paris...ahhh I would love to go to Paris again the fabric district !

Now I am off to bed to dream of Paris...ahhh, Creme brulee !! How sweet you are !



  1. I adore this bag. Love the colours and fabrics you used. As soon as I saw it it reminded me of Spain and the gypsy's.

  2. Good morning Liz,
    another lovely bag you made!
    Ich wünsch Dir einen schönen Spätsommertag!
    ♥ Allerliebste Grüße,Claudia ♥

  3. Ich hatte die auch schon mal genäht und es hat bei mir ewig gedauert. Deine ist sehr schön, und mit einem passenden Dirndl wärst Du sehr gut gerüstet für die Wiesn.

  4. Liebe Liz,
    ja unbedingt: damit zur Wies´n in einem chicen Dirndl...und ein schönes Foto!!! :-)) Deine Tasche ist wieder mal perfekt von der Stoffwahl über die Bänder und die Charms und sonstigen Accesoires. Du hast dafür ein echtes Händchen. L.G.

  5. Liz that a wonderful bag. I like the drawstrings. My sister loves pink and green together, so she would really love this bag.

  6. Love the fabrics, the colors, the details ... beautifully done!

  7. Love the bag. Just discovered you from Christine's links and started following your blog. I also checked Machwerk blog and patterns. Wow! She has beautiful bag patterns. Do you know if she sells to United States? Thanks.

  8. Eine tolle Tasche!!!
    Damit wirst du Eindruck schinden.

  9. Eine wunderschöne Tasche, die Stoffe hast du toll ausgesucht dafür! Ich hab das Muster auch schon eine Weile, aber mich noch nicht daran getraut.
    Liebe Grüße

  10. I love pink and green together! Great job!

  11. Eine sehr schöne Tasche! Deine Stoffkombi ist wirklich toll!
    LG Mary

  12. I love your fabrics and colors! It is soooo pretty!


  13. Liebe Liz!
    Du bist eine totale Taschen-Künstlerin!!!!
    Ich kann mich gar nicht satt sehen,so viele süsse Details.
    Diese Tasche würde sich sehr gut in meiner Taschensammlung machen.
    liebe Grüsse Iris



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