Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Home Sweet Home CAL...Last quarter...Bathroom

I can't believe October is here and this means the start of the last quarter of the Create Along!

This quarter we will be creating for the Bathroom  and / or any other room in the house that we haven't done yet ....Kids room, laundry room, ect ...if you have the time.
I figured that soon everyone would be getting ready for Christmas ( only 84 days!) but we could always find time to make a little something for the bathroom....
Here come some ideas....

If you have long hair you need these in your bathroom ...Hair Scrunchies...super fast & easy to make ! My friend Beate had made me a couple and I love them !
How about a Curling Iron case ????
This Makeup Brush roll could also easily be used for crayons in the kids room ??
My friend Susan had made me one these Crocheted Soap Savers and I use it all the time in the shower. Its especially great to fill all those little pieces of soap you have! 
How about some Hot Pads...we're gonna need them with winter coming up ! brrr....!
Or some pretty containers for your make up brushes...super easy !!
For those that are energetic and how about some Homemade soap ?? 
Everyone needs some new baskets for the bathroom...look at all these possibilities ! You just have to pick one ! 
recycle those old jeans !

How about a sexy Bathwrap ??
Tissue Box cover....click on picture for links...
Embroidery some towels....I did these for our bathroom! Now my Hubby doesn't have to always ask which ones is his? 
I almsot forgot the old favorite Toilet paper holders !

How about a new shower curtain, bathmats, curtains, decoration items !...anything to make the bathroom prettier counts !! If none of this ideas excite you...pop over to Pinterest and have  look...you'll be overwhelmed ! 

Here is something for the guys in the house !!

If you have any other neat ideas or links...let me know I'll post them ! 
Don't forget to link up your finished project ...*here* ! ...now off to your machines !



  1. Hi Liz,
    thank you for all those wonderful things, you have shown us!
    Good, it includes a Tissue Box cover, I need one to do soon ;O)
    Happy afternoon,

  2. Hallo Liz,

    Danke für die tollen Anregungen wieder. Ich denke, ich werde etwas fürs Bad nähen;-)

    Liebe Grüße Klaudia

  3. Oh dear, that's 3 quarters I've missed so far LOL!!



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