Tuesday, October 29, 2013


is my new favorite color……especially when it comes in this form …..

I have been wanting a new sewing machine for a while ( a Pfaff this time) I love my Husqvarna D1 but sometimes a girl just needs something new…men buy new cars all the time …so I decided to go for a second sewing machine ( its cheaper on gas ! …actually if I calculate fabric, thread, needles, and other supplies I think a car might be cheaper…shhh, we won't tell my hubby that !)

Last week I received a newsletter from my favorite Sewing machine dealer  about the Pfaff Expressions 3.2 & 4.2. They both sounded really nice to me….especially 25cm of quilting surface !!! So on Saturday my Hubby & I went into town…he dropped me off at the sewing machine shop and he went off to a multi-media center….An hour late he came to pick me up and you should of seen his face when the sales lady started ringing up the sale….after all, I just wanted to "test drive" the machines and then sleep on it…
Sometimes a girl just has to make a " spontaneous " decision…life is to short to " sleep on it " …besides it had all the things I wanted, so why sleep on it ?? …"it was on sale, it was a Pfaff with IDT, it had a large quilting and it was on sale!  SOLD !!

Whoever said size doesn't matter…lied!!! …it does!!!!…in this case…biggest is better !!!

 I am having fun getting to know my new addition…I am sure we will create beautiful things together !!

Isn't teal a lovely color ???


P.S. I learned a couple of things about myself…I can be spontaneous …and I need to cancel all my newsletters…they just get me into trouble !

P.S.S. For those that think my Hubby spoils me ( actually he does)  but remember a couple years ago when I quit smoking …my Hubby started putting the money I use to spend on cigarettes into an extra savings account…he told me that once a year I could take that money and buy whatever I wanted to with it…so this year, I bought the machine …I guess quiting smoking wasn't only good for my health …it was also good for my sewing room ! 
If you smoke…quit! …you'll be happy you did ! I am !!


  1. Oh yes.....teal is a really beautiful color! Congrats on your new machine and congrats on inspiring others to quit smoking to save their money for better things! Enjoy your new machine!

  2. what a gorgeous machine and what a fab idea to save the money and then buy something from it!

  3. Hi Liz,
    what a lovely Colour ;O)
    Looks like a great machine! And you are right, bigger is better ;O)
    Happy sewing,
    P.S. Saving money is always good ;O)

  4. A lovely colour but what its attached to is far more exciting! have fun with your new friend!

  5. It fits perfectly in with your sewing machine mat :)

  6. Hey Liz,
    congrats for your new roommates :o)))

  7. Congratulations to your new play mate !! I hope you have tons of fun with that teal baby ;-)) can't wait to see what you do with her. Hugs, Frauke

  8. I think your machine is fabulous. I have a pfaff and am really pleased with it. Never goes wrong and sews like a dream and you're right, size does matter LOLLL. Love that your hubby was saving your ciggy money for you. I really need to give up, the things I could buy.



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