Saturday, October 26, 2013

Triangle, rectangle & square....

What do these shapes have in common...they make great pouches !

On Saturday I had fun sewing with some of the girls from my quilting group.
We decided to tackle a couple patterns that have been on all of our " to do List" for a long time!

First we made this triangle pouch ...instructions were from Nadelwerk but for some reason she has removed from her blog...pity, its a very nice pouch....good thing I printed it out a year ago ! LOL

I am really pleased with how this pouch turned was my first time using only half of a endless zipper...that was weird for me but it worked.

Then I made this Square pouch using Schnalina's tutorial  but of course I had to change it. Since I didn't have enough zipper to go all the way around, I made it only along the top.
..this one has already flown its way to a friend...
I would suggest quilting the fabric to the batting for more stability or using an iron-on batting like H640.  I'll have to make this one again...after all I still have half a zipper left over.

I am sure you will recognize this fabric right away ( I am happy to say it is almost all gone) ...I decided I needed a pouch to match my sewing set here & here (for all the supplies...scissors, thread, pins, etc.) I even whipped up a quick case for my rotary cutter.
Once again I used Pattydoo Vicky pattern for the pouch ( increased to 122% ) but I made it with fabric not vinyl....this pouch sews up fast & is easy!

Now I gotta see what other projects are in my "To Do" basket!?

What projects do you have in your "To Do" Basket" ???...or do you have a to do suitcase ?? 


  1. Hallo Liz,
    Deine Täschchen gefallen mir alle gut. Du hast aber noch eine Menge vor wenn Du all die Anleitungen in Deinem Körbchen nähen willst!

  2. Liz! Sorry about the typo. I am on the iPad. One finger typing is bad.

  3. I love the firs purse Liz - what a pity the tutorial has been removed!

  4. Hallo Liz, dein Triangletäschchen ist sehr schön geworden. Deine Stoffauswahl finde ich richtig schön! Danke für die schönen Fotos!
    LG Cornelia

  5. Lovely, the triangle one looks intriguing

  6. Hi Liz,
    wonderful bags!
    Happy sewing,... you got a lot of things in your To Do basket!
    I have mine on a long list ;O) So I better start now with my work ...LOL...
    Happy week to you,

  7. I love that triangle pouch, very different. My to do list is stored as files on an external hard drive and if I live to be 100 I won't even complete a third of it.

  8. The triangle purse is wonderful, I would have loved to make one for myself. I wonder why the tutorial was removed.



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