Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cleaning my drawers....

....the drawers by my computer are a mess !!!
I was looking for my camera cable so that I could upload my pictures...after 5 minutes of searching... I flipped out and decided to clean out my drawers...this led me to the great idea to make little pouches for all those electric devices that fly around in the drawers ! ( and it gave me a chance to play around with some of the stitches on my machine)

These are my new little pouches ....I labeled each one so there is no more searching in the drawers !
There is no pattern for these...I just measured the item and made a pattern up to fit them ... except the first one I made it a bit tight...that'll teach me to make the pattern a perfect fit...the next pouches I added 1/2  "breathing" room. I quilted the linen a bit...played with a few stitches, used one of the Alphabets in the machine to stitch the names on Twill tape and used my Kam snap ...thats always the fun part !

Here's the snug one...my external drive ...or as I call it my big USB stick !
 Since the cable is detachable...I made a separate pocket on the front for it.....
I had fun quilting all the lines in the linen....
...on the CD drive pouch I played with some zigzag stitches

Yes, some people still have floppy disks...I need it to write designs for my Husqvarna Designer 1...I'd be lost without it !
 This one doesn't have an extra pocket for the cable since it is not detachable
Last but not least...the pouch that started the whole set....I just wanted a quick pouch for the cables that have to be by the computer ...Camera ( most important) ...Kobo & Apple cable...
For this pouch I used Nalev Welt " Zaubertauschen"  tutorial except I added 2 dividers to it, so that I had pockets for all 3 cables.
 ...now my drawer is nice and neat...no more looking for that camera cable ...I know right were it is !!

How do your drawers look...dare I ask ???


  1. I just started following your blog not too long ago. Love all of the bags and purses that you make. What a great idea for storing all of the computer accessories. It looks like the new machine is doing a great job!

    You did a gresat job Liz! Now you never have to look so long for any cable or things!
    Happy day to you,

  3. Waite a minute! I will search my cables....
    You have got nice pouches.

  4. Dear Liz,
    I had to laugh out loud!!! What a clever and nice solution in order to get rid of this "Kabelsalat". I love it!

  5. Hi Liz,
    it looks really good :-) I think You should keep all drawers open to show the world (and Your guests) how clever and stylish one can keep cables :-)


  6. JA, so sieht schöne Ordnung aus!

  7. Neue Maschine und neue Ideen, perfekt!!
    Ich kenne nur Kabelsalat;-)
    LG Brigitte

  8. You are so good! Oh, to be that neat and organized. Love the look of the pouches.

  9. Hi liz,
    a look on my drawer says, I have to sew pouches like yours!
    Great Idea!
    Cheers Marle

  10. Great idea, I hang my cables from hooks - like spaghetti! Yuck!

  11. "How do your drawers look...dare I ask ???"
    Hi Liz
    I dare not to answer. :o) But I think now how to do something clever ...like you
    But right now my one hand don`t do what I want it to
    But I hope it will recover
    Hugs Ingrid

  12. These are gorgeous. I love how they all match and have labels on them. You're so organized!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Eeek, let's not discuss my drawers!!! Yours looks lovely now though :)



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