Tuesday, November 26, 2013


you look...christmas is coming !!!

The stores are full of decorations, gifts & sweets....
My favorite blogs are all sharing their sewing ideas & decorations...
....even a few neighbors have put up their lights....

So what is a girl to do...but have her Hubby drag up the Christmas deco boxes and join the crown!!
Even though I don't have the Christmas spirit yet ...I have decorated the house....hoping it would give me the Christmas spirit ....
I didn't do as much as I usually do...for some reason it seemed to take longer and longer each year ....either I am getting older and work much slower or I just have too much stuff!!  I think it is a combination of the two!! I told my Hubby that next year I am just putting a candle on the table and calling it Christmas !! LOL
I have to admit it is nice seeing some old favorites  ...
...and a few new ones....
Is everyone getting that "Christmasy" feeling ...or am I the only Scrooge this year ???


  1. Ooops,. my comment just disappeared....
    Your house looks wonderful! Well, I must say, I did not decorate anything jet, still do not have any christmassy feelings .....
    perhaps they will come, when I read your post again and again and again ;O)
    Happy evening,

  2. Liebe Liz,

    du hast alles sehr schön dekoriert...es sieht wunderschön aus...Nun kann der erste Advent kommen;-)

    LG Klaudia

  3. Liz, es sieht sehr schön aus bei Dir. Ich hab auch schon ein bisschen dekoriert, da ich am kommenden Wochenende dafür keine Zeit habe.

  4. Ich habe das gestern Abend auf die Schnelle erledigt. Mir geht das Weihnachtsfeeling dieses Jahr komplett ab.
    Das erstemal seit ich mich erinnern kann, habe ich keine Lust auf Weihnachten.
    Bei dir sieht es aber wirklich schon sehr schön aus.

  5. Your house looks very warm, inviting and Christmassy, Here in Spain the shops are full of decorations but people don't start decorating their houses until about the first week in December. I love putting up the tree. Best wishes.

  6. So langsam fange ich auch an.

  7. …it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go…
    Oh, Liz, you saved me and my guilty conscience… Can you imagine that there is no Christmas deko in our house yet? ZERO!!! No time and I did not get in the right mood do arrange anything. Hope I will manage it before sunday.
    I feel a bit like Scarlet O'Hara (…I think about it tomorrow), but I will try it tomorrow…. I really will…
    Have a nice time!

  8. Oh No Liz! I'm so very, very, very sorry, I've stolen your Christmas cheer! I suggest you put some Christmas music on and belt it at the top of your lungs!!! Then drink some hot chocolate :)

  9. es ist so erfrischend die bilder zu schaun, eine zauberhafte deco, ich wünsche einen schönen advent

  10. I love all your gorgeous decorations. I don't decorate mine until two weeks before Christmas Day so still have a while yet to give me time to make some decorations.



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