Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wild thing..... make my heart sing......

That is what came to my mind when I say that wild green faux leather and I knew it would make a cool pouch....don't you think so ??
...once again I did it in the style of the Susie pouch but I made them bigger so that you can actually fit shampoo, makeup, hairspray and all the other beauty products we need ! They are 9" x 12" ....( I cut the bottom box pleat pieces 3" x 8" )
The inside is lined with vinyl and the pockets are made from a mesh laundry bag and trimmed with the faux leather from the front...

Since I couldn't make just one pouch...I had to test out the other faux leathers I bought....
I love these red poke dots !!

Every family has one of these.....
Of course this pouch gave me the most trouble to sew...fitting to the I remember why I don't do much embroidery with metallic thread ( pain in the butt!)
 And this fabric ..I have no idea what it is, its a lovely "thick"  bronzy upholstery fabric and it gave me nothing but trouble to sew...I had to try different needles, thread, feet, everything ... to get a nice top stitch. I wonder  if I had stitched a different word on the bag if it would of been easier to sew ?? was truly a DIVA !
Surprisingly I didn't have any trouble sewing the Faux leather ( except Diva and it is technically upholstery fabric) I didn't even need my teflon foot ( must be the IDT system in my new machine that made it so easy ?? ) I am not sure.
I used a normal Schmetz Universal #80/12 needle and normal polyester thread...I even topstitched a bit with machine embroidery thread ...everything seemed to work.
I don't know if the gods were smiling down on me...or I am just good ! (ROFLOL)
If you wish to sew with faux advice is ...don't be afraid...just do it !
Buy a little piece ( quarter yard ) and try it. You will be surprised how easy it is !! The one thing I did do was lengthen my stitch length to 3.0 ( from 2.5)....and always test your stitches / thread on a scrap piece of Faux leather.

Don't forget to have fun !!!


  1. Wowwwwwwwww you did an amazing job. I don't think I would even think to attempt pleats with faux leather. My favourite one is the green one.

  2. Liebe Liz,
    deine pouches sind der Hammer!!! Du bist echt cool!!! Eine schöner und wilder und "besonderer" als die andere.
    Have fun too.

  3. Ich nehme sie ALLE!!!!!
    Tolle Taschen hast Du da gezaubert, liebe Liz!
    LG von Angela

  4. You really are putting that new machine to work. These are great! And the names you used for each color are perfect.

  5. Good morning Liz, have been sooo busy! Great job, well done! They all look great!
    Happy Nikolaustag today ;O)

  6. Jetzt gehst Du aber richtig in Produktion! Ich wusste gar nicht dass es so viele verschiedene lederartige Stoffe gibt.

  7. Oh ich sehe auch Du bist im Taschenfieber ;-)
    Die sehen ja super aus.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  8. Gosh these are GORGEOUS Liz!!! LOVE the names on them too!



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