Friday, January 24, 2014

Skill Bom table is cleaned,  so I can start the next project.

I had mentioned that I would like to do the the Skill BOM that Alyssa of Pile O Fabric posted last year.
I like that she not only gives you the instructions for the blocks but also how to quilt them and since I need to practice my machine quilting this is takes the pressure off of me to decide "How should I quilt that block"...and machine quilting a 16" block is doable on a home sewing machine.

Every month I am to sew 2 blocks & quilt them ( this is a Quilt-as-you-go- method)
....I will use Omas White on White sheets as the background and these fabrics from my stash....This should also be a stash buster project !
  My first two block are sewn....
this is Sound Wave.....

This is Magnum Block....

 I am not sure yet if the blocks will be turned into a quilt or just a learning book. I am doing this more for the machine quilting aspect then for creating a quilt...but who knows ??

Is there anyone out there that would like to join me in this learning process ??
I have put a link to the Skill BOM on my side bar so you can find the blocks quickly.

If you need some inspiration...check out the Flickr pictures 
Or the lovely blocks Evi made

I am off to spray baste the blocks and with some luck I can quilt them over the weekend ?? Right after I do the shopping, tidy the house and do some laundry ! yippee!!

Have fun picking out your fabrics !! 



  1. WOW...lovely colours! The Sound Wave looks great!
    Happy sewing weekend, my Dear!

  2. Liebe Liz,
    deine Blöcke sehen sehr schön aus und du hast schöne Stoffe und Farben gewählt.

  3. I'd love to join you with this one but unfortunately I don't have the time but I've bookmarked it and maybe later on in the year I'll be able to make a few of these blocks.

  4. Hi Liz.
    Ich möchte mitmachen, aus genau die selben Gründe wie du.
    Ich kann aber erst im nächsten Monat anfangen..
    Ich freue mich darauf mit dir zusammen zu nähen!
    liebe Grüsse



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