Sunday, February 2, 2014

Overkill ???

I had ordered a teflon foot for my sewing machine ( by the way it works GREAT!)
but you can imagine my great surprise when I saw the size of this box!!!!!
 I have tried to block out the name of the company because of all the crazy copyright laws I am not sure if I can post it ?? This by no means is an indication of my unhappiness with the company. This was the second time I had ever ordered from them and I can say I had super telephone assistance and service...and speedy delivery!! ..I just had to laugh at the huge size of the box for a little foot!
...I would of put it in an envelope ?? But what do I know ??
P.S. My Hubby had accepted the package since I wasn't home when it was delivered and when he gave it to me he said..." What did you order now ?? When I told him a foot for my machine ...he didn't believe should of seen his face when I opened the both started laughing !!
Bigger isn't always better!! 


  1. Haha, like the french says: why do it simple when you can be complicated.

  2. Haha, the same happened to me when I bought a little quarter inch foot for my Brother. My Hubby said: I believe ONE FOOT, but you bought the whole shop!
    It was just the foot in and a lot of paper...
    Greetings Marle

  3. WOW.........I think too, the box was a bit too big ...LOL.......
    happy new week to you!
    Love and hugs



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