Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where is she???.......

my Muse....my Inspiration...my Motivation....my Up & Go!
Did I lose her in the garden..or is she off frolicking somewhere else??

I have to find her...I have all kinds of lovely new fabrics, that are dyeing to be used !

I picked these up last weekend at Irmgards Open House ...Naehstuebchenunterdach

and these at the Stoff & Tuch Markt this weekend
All these lovely colors & fabrics and I can't find my Muse!!!
If you see her frolicking around...please send her back to me...I desperately need her!!

Helplessly Unmotivated in Weiterstadt !!


  1. Honey, take a break - enjoy the sun. Your muse is probably playing hide and seek with you in the garden ;-))) Take care, Frauke

  2. You go, go, go for awhile and then are forced to take a break. Your muse is still enjoying the time off. Every "creative artist" goes through this occasionally. Don't force it. You know when you make your first thing, you will be back up and running at full speed.

  3. Aufs Sofa legen, Beine hoch und an nichts Denken, dann kommt sie plötzlich um die Ecke :-))
    LG Angelika

  4. Oh Liz what's with our muses? They come and go as they please.
    Well you must just go with the flow for now. I know when that happens to me I look at other things and sometimes I find her hiding behind something really inspiring!!! Perhaps she is looking for something to inspire you and then she'll be back.

  5. My dear Liz,
    I hope, you will find your MUSE very quick, those lovely fabrics are waitin to be sewn to lovely bags :O)))
    Happy evening,

  6. Liebe Liz,
    ich habe gar keine Befürchtungen. Deine Näh-Muse wird sich wieder einfinden, lass ihr noch ein wenig Zeit.
    Viele liebe Grüße

  7. Hi Liz,
    Muses are like that. If you don't have to you can just wait for a bit. Get into Pinterest or a sewing book and magazine and start getting inspire. You don't have to start sewing right away but you can make plans.

  8. It's probably hiding out with MINE! LOLL You better find it SOON ....I may need a bag tested! LOLLLLL

  9. Oh Liz, deine Musen brauchen auch einmal Urlaub... sie werden schon wieder kommen .... und dann denke ich: Woher die Liz wohl wieder die tollen Ideen hat?!.
    Lass es dir gut gehen und hab' Geduld (*drückdich*) .
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Christa

  10. Sometimes she needs a bit of vacantion too :-))))
    She might be hanging out with mine lol.
    How did that painclinic work for you???? I pray for the best.

  11. Not to worry, she'll be back soon. muses need a break too you know.
    In the meantime just relax and enjoy not having her around for a while.

  12. I think quite a few of us are looking, I'm sure they've gone on retreat somewhere and will come back with renewed enthusiasm!



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