Sunday, May 11, 2014

A rainy sunday ...

is the perfect kind of day to clean out my sewing room cupboards!!

I know......some of you are thinking I am nuts ....( I am nuts!) has been bugging me for a while that every time I wanted to get something out of one of my cupboard I had to move 10 things to get to it!! Grrrr !

Since I am still in my decluttering phase (don't worry I am sewing ...if it wasn't raining out I could take pictures of my newest bag but it will have to wait till tomorrow).. back to decluttering.

This all started with the idea of turning our guest/ office room in the basement ( that hardly gets used) ...into a summer sewing room for me ...I love saying that because it makes my Hubby crazy!!
Actually it was his idea. ...thats how the whole declutter phase started!

As we proceeded to rearrange furniture...toss things....give things away...sell stuff.......I started thinking ...why don't I move all the "Craft stuff " that is cluttering up my sewing room into this room... Viola a new Craft room is born!!

I can't show you pictures of it yet ( far from done) .....but I can show you what my sewing room looks like as of this minute....
....I am emptying my cupboards....

These laundry baskets need to go in the new room....and I am filling up more....My poor Hubby has been schlepping things for days...that will teach him to get me in a decluttering mood!

On the positive side...I am finding all kinds of goodies!!
Back to decluttering!!

P.S: Happy Mother's day to all of you that are lucky enough to be spoiled with breakfast in bed !!


  1. Liebe Liz,

    ich kenne es auch gut...und müsste auch längst mal wieder aufräumen, entrümpeln, Sachen weggeben usw.
    Dein Nähzimmer kommt mir also gerade sehr bekannt vor...;-)
    Aber, es kann ja nur besser werden, wenn du damit abgeschlossen ...und wieder eine super schöne Übersicht, deines Nähbereiches hast...;-)

    Liebe Grüße Klaudia

  2. Oh I wish we had a basement! We don't even have at attic as our bedroom is up there, no spare space at all / yours will be awesome!

  3. Good morning Liz,
    a lovely job for a rainy sunday ;O)
    Have a happy new week,

  4. Our hubbies have alot to answer for. My sewing room was upstairs and becasue he never saw me he suggested I bring it all down to my bedroom downstairs. LOLLL He did alot of helping. That will teach him to keep his suggestions to himself. It worked out great for me though because now I can keep an eye on the food while sewing. Bad side is I don't get as much exercise running up and down the stairs. Looking forward to seeing you new craft room.

  5. Hallo Liz,
    was machst du nur. Aufräumen,Aufräumen......
    Hoffentlich bleibt noch Zeit zum Nähen(lach)



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