Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sewing room....

remember this picture ??? 
( a girlfriend had thought our house was broken if a thief is going to go for my sewing supplies! LOL)
Well, now the cupboards look like this! All nice and neat ... I just have to relabel a few boxes and hope I can remember where I put it all!
 All my Deco & Pleather fabrics waiting to be sewn.....
 Yes, my ironing board is up ALL of the time! But I did put a new cover on it :-)
I even reorganized my fabrics .... of our discounters had a sale on boxes ( I think their shoes boxes) and I bought tons of them. My fabrics use to be on the shelves in the cupboard ...and every time I was looking for something; I had to pull a pile out ( usually it fell on the floor and clean up was a pain !) ...I hated it! when I am looking for a fabric...I just pull out one of the boxes...look for what I want and put it back ...much neater! Yes, they are organized by color....
 Can you guess which box is my favorite ??...just in case you need a hint!
 The overlock & cover-lock now have a spot which I can get to without moving 10 things .....I really should make a cover for them ...I'll add it to my "To Do" list :-0 
The other corner has my Husqvarna & more fabrics ( bigger pieces)
 Cutting table is nice and clean ( not for long) 
So is my sewing table
 I even cleaned / reorganized the hanging shoe bags that I have behind my door...they hold my Embroidery hoops & supplies...
 I have to tell you it feels good to have decluttered my room...and I was amazed how many pretty fabrics I found !...Actually I was amazed what all I found hidden in those cupboards! 
But I am happy to cleaning spree is over !!

To make you feel better...I just took these two pictures of my you can is in action again !
Before my coffee gets cold...back to my sewing !!


  1. I very much enjoyed the tour of your newly organized sewing room Liz.
    Everything looks great. It will be a pleasure to sew in there with everything to hand.
    Now, I wonder if you would like to come organize my mess :)
    Looking forward to seeing what you are working on now.

  2. Wow, das sieht ja super ordentlich aus! Da hast Du eine Menge aufgeräumt!
    Und jetzt..... viel Spaß beim Nähen!

  3. Hi, Liz!
    In meinem Nähzimmer sieht es auch immer aus wie eingebrochen *LOL* Toll, wie Du alles in Ordnung gebracht hast. Leider hält das immer nicht ewig - zumindest bei mir.

  4. OMG, Liz ! It looks great, but where is Katjas chair ??


  5. It looks amazing, Liz. Having just done mine, I know how much work it is.

  6. So eine Aufräumaktion ist schon aufwendig. :-) ..... und nun wünsche ich viel Spaß bei der nächsten Suchaktion. Ich finde nach dem Aufräumen selten das, was ich suche. ;-)
    P.S.: nötig hätte mein immer es auch!!

  7. Nachtrag: es soll "Zimmer" heißen

  8. It looks awesome. You did a great job. About your favorite fabric box I didn't know there were so many different red polka dots!!:-) Enjoy sewing in your new "play room".

    1. Yes, Norma, there are tons of different red & white polka dot fabrics...a girl can never have to many ! :-)

  9. Love your sewing space Liz. You have a great collection of red and white polka dots too, lol!!!

  10. Ich bin restlos begeistert!!!!!
    Sollte auch mal anfangen(grins)

  11. Good morning LIz,

    I only say WOW !!! What a wonderful sewing room!
    Such a lovely plasce, you did such a good job ;O)

    Happy sewing day!

  12. Biiiiiiiitte, liebste Liz, kannst Du nicht bei mir vorbeikommen und mein Nähzimmer auch so schön durchorganizieren? Gegen meines ist Deins auf dem ersten Bild soo ordentlich!
    Ich finde einfach keinen Anfang. *jammer*

  13. Liebe Liz,
    das sieht ja total schön aus bei dir. Haste gut gemacht und jetzt macht es doppelt so viel Spass zu nähen, oder??? Findest du auch Alles???

  14. Oh Liz I'm green with envy. Your room is so nice. After seeing yours I went out and bought some plastic boxes for some of my things but I need more. I love how you store your fabric. It must be such a pleasure to have such a beautiful room to work in.



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